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its capital, on Pyxirates fl., towards its

junction with Lycus fl. III. vide Basgse-

dariza. Azizis (Ahihis, Aixi), a town of the Potula-

tenses, Dacia, 12 m. N. from Bersovia. Azochis, a town of the Absidri, Assyria, N.w.

of Ecbatana. Azones, a people of Central Assyria, E. under

Choatrus m. Azorus, a town of Pelagonia Tripolis, Thes-

saly, bet. Dolichc and Oxynia (15). Vu-


Azota, a town of Colchis, s.E. of Apasida. Azotus, Syria;, i. q. Asdod. Azuritanum oppidum, Byzacene, i. q.



Baal-bek, the local name, " City of the

Sun," of Heliopolis, Phoenicia. Baal-gad, i. q. Baal-Hermon. Baal-hermon- (Baal-Gad), a town of Gali-

Isea, under Hermon. m., E. of Sarepta. BAAL-MEON(Beth-Meon, Beth-Baal-Meon),

baths of Reuben, 9 m. s.w. from Heshbon. Baal-perazim, a village of Rephaim Vallis,

s.w. of Jerusalem. Baal-zephon, " northern light-house," the

scriptural name of Arsinoe-Cleopatris,

Egypt. Baba (Hileja, Eleju), a town of Mygdonia,

Mesopotamia, bet. Thebeta and Singara. Babanomus (Bamonitis), a district of Gala-

tia, on Halys fl., R. Babba, a town of Mauritania Ting., 40 m.

s.E. from Lixus, under Atlas Minor. A

colonia of Augustus (Julia Campestris).

Bani Teude. Babylon (Babel, Sheshach), I. capital of

Babylonia, on both sides of the Euphrates,

s.w. of Seleucia. Founded*by Belus, 247

B.c. ; enlarged by Semiramis. Here was

the tower of Babel, a temple of Belus

(Bin Nemrood). II. posted Fostat, a

town of Lower Egypt, on the Nile, R., S.e.

of Cercasorum. Old Cairo; Musr el

Ateekeh. Babylonia, a country of Asia, bounded N.

by Mesopotamia, at Medius murus, and by

Assyria at the Tigris ; s. by Persicus sin.

and Arabia ; w. by Arabia Deserta ; and

E. by the Tigris. Irak Arabi. Babyrsa, a fortress of Armenia, near Ar-


Babytaca, Susiana, i. q. Badaca. Baca, I. a fortress of Cilicia. II. a town of

the Jazyges Metanastse, N.w. of Acimin-

cum. III. of Mauritania, i. q. Vaccse. j

Bacari, a town of India i. Gangem, w. at the mouth of Barius fl., bet. Podoperura and Melinda. Calicut, Bacas-chamiri, a town of the Zamareni, Arabia, N.e. of Aramana. Svica-Sha-mary.

Bacasis, a town of the Ausetani, Tarraco-nensis, on Rubricatus fl., L., N.e. of Se-lensis. Baga. Bacatailii, a town of Cassiotis, Syria, E. of

Laodicea. Bellulca; Bahhlulie. Baccan^b, a town of Etruria, on Via Cassia, bet. Veil (9) and Sutrium (12). Baccano. Bacchi urbs, a town of Taprobane, N.e., at the mouth of Baracus fl., bet. Bocana and Cytseum prom.

Bacchia, a town of Albania, w. of Sanua. Bac£nis silva, the portion of Hercynia silva

bet. the Cherusci and the Catti. Bacuetium (Bucenta), a fortress of Casso-paeia, at the E. extremity of Achernsia palus. Caftri.

Bachilit.* (Anchitse), a people of Arabia, towards the S.e. coast, E. of the Kitheba-nitse. Tribe of Beni Kahtany. Bachis, a town of Heptanomis, on Moeris

lac. E. Bactra, capital of Bactria, on Bactrus fl.,

N.w. of Aornos. Balkh. Bactria (Bactriana), a country of Asia, bounded N. by Sogdiana, at Oxus fl.; s. and E. by Aria, at Parapomisus m.; and w. by Margiana. Balkh. Bactrus fl., I. Armenia;, i. q. Araxes. II. (Dargidus), a r. of Bactria, falling into Oxus fl. below Bactra. Balkh; Dehasch. Bacuates, a people of MauritaniaTingit., s.

of Atlas Min,, w. of the Macanitse. Bacuntius fl., a r. of Pannonia Inferior, failing into Savus fl. at Sirmium. Bossui. Badaca (Babytacae), a town of the Cosssei, Susiana, on the Eulseus, under Cossaei m. Badacum, i. q. Bedajum. Badara, a town of Gedrosia Pardene, s.w.

of Cottobara. Badatium, a town of Taurica Chersonesus,

N.e. of Satarche.

Badea regia (Vadea), a town of theCinae-docolpitee, Arabia, on the Red Sea, s.w. of Macolaba, of which it was the port. Ras Bad.

Badera, a town of the Voleae Tectosages, Narbonensis I., S.e. of Tolosa, bet. Ad Novum and Ad Vigesimum. Basieye. Sadia, a later name of Pax Augusta. Badiam^ei, a people of India i. Gangem, on

Tyndis fl., R., towards its mouth. Madias, a town of Nnmidia, bet. Audus m.

and Palladis lac., w. of Ad Majores. Sadis, I. a town of Carmania, at Carpclla

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