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Axeicm, a town of the Sagii, in Lugdu.

nensis II., s. of Sagium. Axellodunum, a townof the Brigantes, Brit, at Hadrian! murus. The station of th< Cohors I. Hispanorom. Burgh on tin Sands. Axencs, the earlier name of the Euxine,

from the " inhospitality" of its people. Axia, a fortress of Etruria, near Tarquinii. Axiac/e, I. a people of Sarmatia Europtea. bet. Axiaces fl. and the Hypanis. Noted for their honest simplicity of life. II Their capital, on the Hypanis, i. q. Olbia. Axiaces fl., a r. of Sarmatia Europsea, falling into Sagaricus sin., w. of the Hypanis.

Axilis, Marmarica, vide Azilis.

Axima, I. a town of the Centrones, Alpes

Penninse, bet. Bergintrum (9) and Daran.

tasia (10). Aisme. II. of Persia, on

Oroatis fl.

Axincm, a town of the Celtiberi, Tarraco-


Axiopolis, a town of Mcesia Inferior, on the Danube, bet. Capidava and Succidava. It was from this point, according to Ptolemy, that the Danube was called Ister. Ras-sova.

Axium, a town of Amphaxitis, Macedonia, on Axius fl., 7 m. N.w. of Thessalonica. Vardari.

Axium fl., I. a r. of the Damnonii, falling into the sea below Axela. Axe. II. posted Bardarus, of Macedonia, separating Bot-tisea from Mygdonia, rising in Scardus m., near Scopia, and falling into the Thermai-cus sin. at Chalastra. Vardari. Axon fl., a r. of Caria, falling into Indus fl.,

near Calynda.

Axona fl., a r. of Belgica II., falling into Isara fl. below Augusta Suessionum. Aisne.

Axuenna, a town of the Remi, Belgica II., bet. Basilia (18) and Verodunum (25J). Vienne la Ville.

Axume (Aixume), I. a country of Africa, S.E. of Meroe. Tigre and fart of Abys­sinia. II. its capital, s.w. of Adule, near the source of Astaboras fl. Thence came the celebrated obelisk, one of forty-five originally standing there. Axum. Axylos regio, " without wood," a district of Phrygia, on the s.w. confines of Ga-latia.

Aza, I. a town of Armenia Minor, bet. Dra-contes (24) and Satala (24). II. i. q. Ga2a.

Azabitis, a district of Sarmatia Asiatica, bet. Rhombites Major fl. and Theophamus fl. liaschcrosch.

Azagarium, a town of the Amadoci, Sar­matia, on the Borysthenes, L., above Ama-doca. Czernobol ? Azala, a village of Bithynia, near Hera-

cleum. Azali, a people of Pannonia Superior, under

Cetiusm., s. of Vindobona. Azamora, a fortress of Cappadocia, in

Cataonia Praefectura.

Azani, capital of Azanitis, Phrygia, onRhyn-dacus fl., L., towards its source, N. of Cadi.

Azania, I. one of the three districts into which Areas divided Arcadia, extending from Orchomenus to Alpheus fl., and named after his son Azan. II. a maritime country of Ethiopia, s. of Egypt. Zan-guebar; Ajan. Azanitis, a district of Phrygia Epictetus,

N.w. Azanium mare, that portion of theOceanus

Indicus which borders Azania. Azanius fons (Clitorius), a fountain at Clitor m., Arcadia, sacred to Cybele, the waters of which created a distaste for wine. Azanus fl., a r. of Taprobane, falling into

the sea bet. Odoca and Nabarta. Azara, I. a town of Armenia Major, on the Araxes. II. potius Zara (Urzan, Ram Or-muz), of the Elymsei, Susiana, on Hedyphon fl., with a temple of Zara (Diana). III. of the Themeotse, Sarmatia Asiatica, on Mseotis pal., at the mouth of Theopha-nius fl.

Azaraba, a town of the Tyrambse, Sarmatia Asiatica, on Rhombites fl., L., towards its mouth.

Azari portus, a port of Bithynia, on Bospo­rus Thracius, at the N. mouth of Azaritia fons.

Azaritia fons, a stream of Bithynia, falling into Bosporus Thracius at Nicopolis. It was said to contain crocodiles. Azaum, a town of Valeria, Pannonia, on the

Danube, above Acincum. Azekah, a town of Judah, 12 m. E. of Beth­lehem, where the Amoriteswere destroyed by hailstones. Azem, a town of Simeon. Azenia, a demus of Attica, of the tribe Hippothoontis, on Saronicus sin., w. of Sunium prom. Alcyrana. Azetium, a town of Peucetia, N.e. of Gru-


Azibintha ins., one of the Sporades ins. Azilis (Naxilis, Naziris, Axilis), a port of Pentapolis Cyrenaicae, bet. Chersonesus Magna and Darnis.

Aziris, I. a district of Armenia Inferior, on Pyxirates fl., L. Arhind. II. (Ereza),

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