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Autri, a people of Arabia Petraea, N. of

Arsinoe. AcTRlcuM, postea Carnntes, capital of the

Camutes, Lugdunensis IV., bet. Duro-

casses and Suindinum. The locality of the

judicial sittings of the Gaulish Druids to

decide disputes among the nobles. Char-ire,. Autrigoxes, a tribe of Cantabri, bet. the

Caristi B. and the Turmodigi w. AtiTURA fl., a r. of Lugdunensis It., falling

into the Sequana at Uggadis. Eure. Aczara, a town of Arabia, on the Eu­phrates, bet. Rahaba and Dura. Auzia (Auza), a fortress of Mauritania Cee-

sariensis, bet. Csesarea and Sitifis. A co-Ionia. Hamza. Auzui, a town of the Macae, Africa Propria,

on Syrtis Mag., s. bet. Chosol and Ad


Augia m., m. of Syrica. Atai, N. Auxenna, a town of the Remi, Belgica II.,

on Axona fl., bet. Ninittacum (13j) and

Durocortorum (15). Mennnille. Acxima, ap. Florum, i. q. Uxama, Tarra-

conens. Auximum (Auxumum), a town of Picenum,

on Miseus fl., bet. Ancona and Ricina, on

Via Flaminia. Osimo. Auxiqua, a town of Tripolitana, near the

Cinyps, s.w. of Leptis Major. Auzaci m., m. of Scythia e. Imaum and

Serica. Auzacia, a town of Scythia e. Imaum, on

CEchardus fl., towards its source. Auzacit^e, a people of Scythia e. Imaum,

on Auzaci m.

Avalit.e. Vide Abalitte. Avantici, a people of Alpes Maritime, N.

of the Bodiontici. Avara, I. a r. of Lugdunensis II., falling

into the Autura fl. below Mediolanum.

II. Havarra, a town of Arabia Petraea,

N.e. from jEIana. Avareni, a people of Sarmatia E., on

Vistula fl. About Cracow. At ares, a tribe of Sarmatians settled in

Germania Magna, under Carpathus m. Avaricum, postea Bituriges, cap. of the

Bituriges Cubi, Aquitania I., bet. Condate

and Alerta, on Autura fl., L., near its

source. Bourges. Avarpi, a tribe of Vindili, Germ., bet. the

Viruni w. and the Rheudigni E. Avardm prom., a pr. of Galltecia, w. of

Bracara. Cabo di Viana. Avaticorcm stagnum, i. q. Astromela. Aveia, a town of the Vestini, Picenum, on

Aternis fl., R., bet. Prifernum (7) and

Frustemffi (2). Fossa.

Aveidius fl., a T. of Apulia, falling into the sea bet. Barduli and Turenum.

Aven, a valley of Syria, in Lebanon, 30 m. N. of Damascus. About Baalbek.

Avenio, a city of the Cavares, Gallia Vien-nensis, on the Rhine, L., near its junction with Druentia fl. A Massilian settlement. Avignon.

Avendum, a town of Liburnia, bet. Arupe-num and Senia.

Atens, a r. of the Sabines, whence the name Aventinus was given to Mt. Aven-tine.

Aventia, a rivulet of Etruria, falling into Tyrrhenum mare s. of Luna. Lavenza.

Aventicum, cap. of the Ambrones, Maxima Sequanorum, bet. Minodnnum (19J) and Petinesca (21). A colonia of Vespasian. (Colonia Flavia; Via Flavia.) Avenches.

Avernhs lac. (Aornos, "without birds"), a salt lake of Campania, at Cumae, commu­nicating with Lucrinus lac. by a narrow channel; formed into a harbour called Portus Julius by M. Agrippa. It was surrounded on all sides, except at the outlet, by dark wooded cliffs, sacred to Hecate, and its depth was reputed un­fathomable. Its sulphureous exhalations, fatal to birds (whence the name), occa­sioned it to be identified as the locality of Ulysses' descent into hell. Logo d'Avemo.

Avernus specus, a cavern near Avernus lac., the cave of the Cumaean sibyl. One of the fabled entrances to hell. Averno ?

Aves, a town of Byzacene, s. of Silesna.

Avia fl., a r. of Arcadia, in Pheneus campus.

Avimi (Avites, Hivites), an early people of Canaan, on the coast about Ascalon, ex­pelled or destroyed by the Philistines.

Aviones, a tribe of Vindili, Germ., on Albus fl.

Avireth, a town of Osrhoene, bet. Batnae and Comisimbela.

Avitta, a town of Zeugitana, bet. Bisica and Thubarbis Maj.

Avium, I. ins., an isl. of Arabia Felix, on Erythrseum m., s.E. of Abisama. II. op-pidum, Phoenicia;, i. q. Ornithonpolis. III. prom., Taprobane, i. q. Orneum.

Avula, a town of Byzacene, bet. Leggo and Antipsida.

Avus fl., a r. of Tarraconensis, falling into the Atlantic bet. Celadus fl. N. and Du-rius fl. s. Ave.

Axantis ins., an isl. of Lugdunensis III., N.w. of Gobsum prom.

Axati (Olaura), a town of the Turtuli, Bsetica, on the Baetis, above Arva. A municipium. Lora.

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