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ment of Loiret, and part of C/ier. II. their capital, i. q. Genabum.

Aureus m., I. m. of central Corsica, about Mora. In direction N.e. and S.e., forming an elbow. Monte d'Oro. II. of Moesia Sup., overlooking Aureus m. It was planted with vines by Probus. III. a town of the Triballi, Moesia, on the Danube, bet. Tricoruium and Margus, at the foot of Aureus m. Crozca.

Auricornu prom., a pr. of the Bosporus Tbracius, over against Calchedon.

Auricula, a town of the jEqui, N.e. of Tibur.

Aurigani, Tarraconens., i. q. Autrigones.

Aurinia, the early name of Saturnia, Etruria.

Auritina, a town of Cyrenaica, s. of Cy-rene.

Auronus fl., a r. of Dacia, falling into Paratafl.

Aurc, a town of the Garamantes, Libya, bet. Vinaza and Thentei.

Aurunca, the early capital of the Aurunci, iu Latium, near Suessa Auruncorum. Church of Santa Croce.

Aurunci, an Iberian or Sicanian people, settled at first in S.e. Latium, above the Ausones, and driven thence into N.w. Campania.

Ausa, capital of the Ausetani, Tarraconens., bet. Cortona w. and Secerrse E. Vique d' Otsona.

Ausancalio, a town of Liburnia, bet. An-cus and Clambete.

Ausar (J2sar, Ausa) fl., a r. of the Apuani, in Etruria, rising in Balista m., and fall­ing formerly into Arnus fl. at Pisse, but now into the sea by a distinct channel. Serchio.

Ausara, capital of the Ausaritse, Arab., on the coast, N. of Syagrus prom.

Ausava, a. town of the Treveri, Belgica I., bet. Beda (18) and Icorigium (12). Ooi.

Auscn, a people of Aqnitania, bet. the Aturis and the Garumna. Hautes Py­renees.

Auser fl., a r. of Syrtica reg., falling into the Mediterranean E. of Zuchis.

Auses (Ausenses), a people of Libya, to­wards Triton fl., who celebrated peculiar games in honour of Minerva.

Ausetani, a people of Tarraconensis, on the Mediterranean, s., bet. the Indigetes N. and the Lseetani s.

Ausigda (Nausida), a maritime town of Pentapolis Cyrenaicse, bet. Ptolemais and Aptuchi fanum. Zadra.

Ausilindum, a town of the Bagi Gsetuli,

Libya, bet. Berezei and Agma, under

Girgiris m.

Ausira (Lysira), i. q. Lystra. Ausoba sestuar., an eestuary of the Mag-

natas, Hibernia, on the Atlantic, at Mag­nate. Galway Ray. Ausoxa, capital of the Ausones, Latium, N.

of Minturnse. Sfinnino, Ausones, a Sicanian people, settled on the

coast of Latium, bet. the Volsci and Au­runci, long prior to the siege of Troy.

Subjugated by Rome 335 B.c. Their

name was poetically applied to the whole

peninsula. Ausonia, a poetical designation of Italy,

from the Ausones; specially, the district

about Ausona. Ausonium mare, that portion of the Mare

Ionium which washes the shores of Sicily

E., Bruttium, and Magna Grsecia. Austragena, a district of Parthia, noted

for its naphtha. Australis oc., i. q. Indicus. Austravia, i. q. Glessaria ins., Germ. Ausugum, poitea Alsuga, a town of the

Tridentini, Venetia, on Meduacus Mag.

fl., bet. Tridentum (24) and Feltria

(30). Valsugana.

Ausuriani, a people of Africa Propria. to­wards Cyrenaica. Autac.e, a people of Sarmatia As., towards

Mseotis palus. Autariat.e, a people of Illyria, contiguous

to the Triballi.

Authetani, the Greek form of Ausetani. Authiand.e, a people of Sarmatia Asiat.,

towards Maeotis palus. Autipsida, a town of Byzacene, bet. Avula

and Uzappa. Autissiodori, a people of Aquitania I.,

N.w. of the vGdui, about Autissiodorum. Autissiodorum, a town of the Autissiodori,

and afterwards of the Senones, Lugdu-

nensis IV., bet. Aballo (33) and Eburo-

brica (18). Auxerre. Autori, a people of Hibernia, N. of the

Gangani. Galway. Autoba (Atteva), a town of the Evonymitae,

on the Nile, bet. Tasitia and Phturis.


Autolola ins., Africaj i. q. Jnnonis ins. Autololes, a tribe of Gaetuli, Libya, on

Asama fl., towards its mouth. Morocco. Automalax (Automala, Automalaca, Ana-

bucis), a fortress of Cyrenaica, on Syrtis

Maj., E. of Philaenorum. Automate ins. (Hiera), one of the Sporades

ins., bet. Thera and Therasia. Automela, capital of the Horatse, Ind.. on

an island. Cochin.

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