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of the Trieastini, Gallia Viennensis, on Druna fl., R., bet. Dea Vocontiorum (23) and Valentia (22). Aousl en Diois. XIX. Trixobantum, i. q. Londinium. XX. Ulpia trajana, i. q. Sarmizegethus. XXI. Vagiennorum, postea Bagienna, Baienna, capital of the Vagienni, Liguria, s. of Pollentia. Bane. XXII. Veroman-Duorum, capital of the Veroraandui, Bel-gica II., on Samara fl., near its source, bet. Camaracum (27) and Contra-Aginnum (19J). St. Quentin. XXIII. Vindeli-Corum, capital of the Licates, Vindelicia, on Licusfl., near its junction with Vindo fl. A colonia of Augustus, B.c. 12. Augsburg.

Augustamnica, a later name of the Egyp­tian Delta s.

Augustan a castra, a town of the Runica-tes, Vindelicia, on the Danube, bet. Regina and Serviodurum (29). Azelburg.

Augusti fossa, a canal in Latium, cut from Feronise to Ufens fl., s.E. of Cora.

Augusti, an arch erected by Au­gustus on Alpis Maritima, above Portus Herculis Monaci, to mark the limits of Italy in that direction. On it were en­graved the names of the Alpine tribes he had subdued. La Turbia.

Augustobona (Augustomana), postea Tri-, casses, Trecse, capital of the Tricasses, Lugdunensis IV., on Sequana fl., N.E. of Agedincura. Troyes.

Augustobriga, I. & town of the Vettones, Lusitania, s.w. of Libora. Puente de Ar-zobis]>o. II. (Nova Augusta, Nudaugusta), a town of the Pellendones, Tarraconensis, bet. Numantia w.s.w. and Cffisar Augusta s.E. Alvea el Muro.

Augustodunum, prius Bibracte, capital of the jEdui, Lugdunensis I., E. of Alisincum. Famous as a resort of learning. A colonia (Flavia). Auiun.

Abgustodurcs, a town of the Lexovii, Lugdunensis II., bet. Croneiaconnus(31|) and Viducasses (19). Bayeux.

Augustomxgus, postea Silvanectes, capital of the Silvanectes, Belgica II., on Isarafl., s.w. of Augusta Suessionum. Senlis.

Augustomana, i. q. Augustobona.

Acgustonemetum (Nemossus), prim Ar-verna, postea Clarus mons, the later capital of the Arve'rni, Aquitania I., on Elaver fl., N. of Gergovia. Clermont.

Augustopolis, I. a town of Arabia Petraea. II. of Phrygia Salutaris.

Augustoritum, cap. of the Lemovices, Aquitania I., bet. Ad Fines (31J) and Argantomagus (31 J) w. of Augustoneme-tum. Limoges.

Augustum, a town of the Allobroges, Gallia

Viennensis, on Rhodanus fl., bet. Etanna and Vienna.

Aul^e, a port of Cilicia Campestris, bet. Tarsus and Anchiale.

Aulahon, a town of the Psylli, Africa Prop., on Syrtis Major, bet. Oesporis and Iscina.

AcL^si-TlcHos (Autei-Moenia, Thera), a town of Astica in Thrace, on the Euxinef s. of Apollonia. RouzeA.

Aulerci, a people of Lugdunensis III., comprising the A. Cenomanni, N. of the Turones ; the A. Diablintes, contiguous to the Sesuvii; and the A. Eburovices, E. of the Lexovii. Diocaes of Mans and Eu-reux.

Aulis, a town of Bceotia, on Euripus, over against Chalcis (3 m.), the rendezvous, with Bathys portus, of the Grecian fleet destined against Troy.

Aulocrexe lac., a lake of Phrygia Magna, E. of Celtense. Noted for its fine reeds. The scene of the punishment of Marsyas.

Aulon, I. a district of Apulia, on Galsesus fl., L., N.e. of Tarentum. Celebrated for its fertility. Terra di Melons. II. the valley of Arethusa, in Chalcidice. III. (Campus Magnus), the valley bet. Asphal-tites lac. and Tiberias lac., on the Jordan. El Gour. IV. Cilicius, the strait sepa­rating Cyprus from Cilicia. V. a district of Messenia, on Neda fl., on the borders of Triphylia and Arcadia. VI. a town of Aulon reg., Messenia, on Neda fl., towards its mouth. VII. a mining village of At­tica, on Laurium m. VIII. a town of the Taulantii, Illyria, at the N.e. extremity of Aulonicus sin. Valona.

Aulonicus sin., a gulf of the Adriatic, s. of Apollonia.

Aunedonacum, a town of the Santones, Aquitania II., bet. Mediolanum (24 j) and Rauranum (30) Tv.n.w. of Sermanicoma-gus. Aunay.

Aunios ins., an isl. of Tarraconensis, in the Atlantic, s. of Corticate ins. Ons.

Aurj;i, a town of Venetia, bet. Vicetia (11) and Cadiana. Montebello.

Auranitis (Hauran), a district of Persea, bet. Trachonitis and Gaulonitis. Hauran.

Aurasius m., Numidise, i. q. Audus.

Aurea chersonesus, I. a peninsula of India e. Gangem, bet. Indicum mare and Eous oceanns. Malacca. II. a prom, of Aurea Chersonesus, at its w. commence­ment, opposite Bazacata ins.

Aurea regio, a district of India e. Gangem, on the L. bank of Darius 11. Pegu.

Aureliani, I. a tribe of Carnutes, Lugdu-ueusis IV., N.e. of the Turones. Depart-

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