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tal of Bashan, with a great temple of Asta-roth (Astarte). Mezarail. Asia, I. one of the three divisions of the world known to the ancients. Bounded N. by Tanais (or, according to Herodotus and Plato, the Phasis), the Euxine, the Bos-phorus, and the Hellespont; s. by the Oceanus Indicus ; w. by the Red Sea and the Isthmus ^gypti (or, according to He­rodotus, Mela, and others, the Nile); E. by the unascertained limits of Scythia and Serica. It was divided into Asia Citerior, or Minor, and Asia Ulterior, or Magna. The name is variously derived from Asia, wife of Prometheus; from Asius, grand­son of Manes; from Asi, Phcenice " inter­mediate ;" from Asis, Grace "mud," in relation to Asia palus ; and from the Asse (Aspurgitani), the subjects of Wodin. II. Magna, Asia, E. of the Euphrates. III. Minor, vel Citerior, the division of Asia tv. of the Euphrates. Bounded j». by the Euxine, the Propontis, and the Hellespont; s. by the Mediterranean; w. by the ^Egean; E. by Apsarus fl., Scydiscus m., Euphrates fl., Taurus m., and Amanus m. It comprised JEo\is, Armenia Minor, Bi-thynia, Cappadocia, Caria, Cilicia, Galatia, Ionia, Lycia, Lycaonia, Lydia, Mysia, Pamphylia, Paphlagonia, Pisidia, Pontus, and Troas. Under the Romans it was divided into two provinces, Asiana and Pontica. Its population was originally derived from Asia Magna, and augmented from time to time by lones, Pelasgi, and other tribes from Europe. Anadoli. IV. Palus, marshes on Caystrus fl., in Asia Regio. Frequented by water-fowl, the property of the priests of Ephesus. V. Propria (Consularis), a Roman division of Asia Minor, comprising Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamus, and Sardes. VI. Regio, a district of Lydia, on Caystrus fl., from its mouth towards Tmolus m. and Sardis. The Asia of Homer, which, before the time of Herodotus, had communicated its name to the entire Asiatic continent.

VII. its capital, of uncertain position. Here the three-stringed harp was invented.

VIII. (Isia), Bruttii, i. q. Tisia. Asiba, a town of Pontus, on the confines of

Cappadocia. Asichox regio, a maritime district of Arabia

Felix, w. of Syagrus prom. AsiN-«us sinus, a name of Messeniacus sin.,

from Asine. Asinarus fl., a r. of Sicily, falling into Si-

culum mare, bet. Abolla and Helorum.

Falconara; Fiume di Noto. Asindum, I. a town of Baetica, 5 m. s.w.

fromHispalis. A colonia (Csesariana). II. of Argolis, on Argolicus sin., bet. Philano-rum and Phlius. Founded by Dryopes from Parnassus. Vivares. III. of Laco-nia, the early name of Hypsus. IV. of Messenia, prius Hyamia, at the E. ex­tremity of Asinseus sin., 5 m. E. from Acritas prom. A colony from Asine, Ar­golis.

Asiongaber (Esiongeber), i. q. Berenice.

Asiones, a people of Asia Minor, about Asium pratum.

Asiot^e (Jotae), a people of Scythia e.Imaum, contiguous to the Aorsi.

Asms m., a hill of Laconia, on Laconicus sin. w., overlooking Las.

Asmirjea, a town of Serica, on Asmirsei sin.

Asmirjei m., a m. of Central Serica. West Da-Uri.

Asmura, a town of Arsitis, Hyrcania, near Maxera fl. S. of Bistam.

Asnaus m., a m. of Epirus, on JEas fl., op­posite ^Eropus m. Monte Melchiovo.

Asochis, a town of Galilsea, towards Sa­maria.

Asopia, a district of Sicyonia, on Asopus fl.

As5pus fl., I. a r. of Achaia, rising in Cffi-lossa m., N.w. of Lyrcea, and falling into Corinthiacus sin. below Sicyon. Basilica. II. of Boeotia, rising in Citheeron m., near Platsea, and, after separating the territories of Platsea and Thebes, falling into Euripus, near Oropus. Asopo. III. of Mali-ensis, Thessaly, rising in (Eta m., and falling into Maliacus sin., near Thermo­pylae. IV. of Phrygia Magna, falling into Lycus fl. near Laodicea. V. a town of Laconia, on Laconicus sin., close to Cypa-rissa, 8 m. s. from Acrise. Esapo.

Asos, an inland town of Crete.

Asfabota, a town of Scythia i. Imaum, on the Caspian, N.e. of the mouth of the Oxus.

Aspacara, a town of Serica, near Bautisus fl., towards its source.

Aspai.athia, capital of Carnus ins., Acar-nania.

Aspaluca, cap. of the Aspiates or Apiates, Novem Populana, bet. Forum Ligneum and Iluro (18). Aspe, at Acc/rus, near Pont Lesquit.

Aspalathos, a town of the Dalmatse, 3 m. from Salon. The birth-place of Diocle­tian, and the locality of his palace. Spa-latro.

Asparagium, a town of the Taulantii, Illy-ria, above the mouth of Apsus fl.

Aspavia, a town of Bistica, N. of the Bse-tis, near Corduba.

Aspendi portus, the port of Aspendus, in

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