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II. (Chalusar, Halusar), a city of Apollo-

niatis, Assyria, on Silla fl., 62 m. N.n.f..

from Ctesiphon. Shereban. III. a town

of Thospitig, Armenia, on Arsissa lac. s.,

above Alcana. Van. Artena, 1. a town of the Volsci, Latium,

S.e. of Asculum. II. of the Veientes,

Etruria, on Larus fl., L., near Sabatinus


Artenes fl., Mcesia, i. q. Utus. Artenia, a town of the Carni, Venetia.

Artegna. Arthedox ins., an islet on the coast of

Troas. Artigi, a town of the Turtuli, Baeturia, bet.

Percejana s.w. and Contosolia N.e. Artiscus fl., a r. of Thrace, rising in Haemus

m., falling into Hebrus fl. below Hadrian-

opolis. Bujuk-dere. Artisiga, a maritime town of Mauritania

Cfesar., near Gypsara. Artobriga, a town of the Consuanetae,

Rhsatia, bet. Bedacum (10') and Juvavia

(17). Teisendorf. Artolica, a town of the Salassi, Gallia

Transpadana, bet. Arebrigium (C) and

Alpes Graia (G), on Via Aurelia. La


Artona, Latii, i. q. Hortona. Artynia lacus, Mysise, i. q. Miletopolis. Artzes (Arzes), a town of Arsissa, Armenia,

towards the E. extremity, N. of Arsissa lac.

Ardschisch. Arula fl., a r. of Maxima Sequanorum, ris,

towards Lacus Lausannus, and falling into

the Rhine at Confluentes. Aruus (Arudis), a town of Cyrrhestica, on

the Euphrates, x, of Zeugma. Perhaps

the same with Capersana. Sir ? Roum-

kala ?

Arulos fl., i. q. Ascordus. Arumah (Rumah), a village near Shechem.

The abode of Abimelech. Arunci, a town of the Celtici, Btetica, s.w.

of Nertobriga. Aru.nda, a town of the Turtetani, Bsetica,

on Barbesula fl., above Ssepona. Ronda. Arupexum, a town of the Japodes, in Illyria,

bet. Bilbilis and Avendum. Near Mod-rush. Arusnati, a tribe of Euganei, in the m. N.

of Verona. In the Val Pullicella. Arutela, a town of the Burideenses, Dacia,

on Aluta fl., bet. Praetorium and Castra

Trajana (9). Arva, a town of the Turtuli, Baetica, on the

Bietis, above Canama.

Arvad (Arpad, Arphad, Aradus), capital of • - the Arvaditae, on a cognominal island ,:• in the Mediterranean, 25 m. N. of Tri-

polis in Syria, over against Antaradus. Ruad.

Arvarni, a maritime people of India i. Gangem, E. bet. the Sorinese and Maeso-liusfl.

Arverni, a people of Aquitania, S.e. of the Lemovices. Department of Correze, Haute Vienne, Creuze, Puy de Dome.

Arvernum, i. q. Augustonemetum.

Arvii, a tribe of Cenomanni, Lugdunensis III., bet. the Aulerci Diablintes and the Andes.

Arx, I. a town of the Volsci, Latium, on Melpis fl., bet. Arpinum and Aquinum. Near it was Arcanum, the villa of Quintus Cicero. Arce. II. Britaxxica, a fort­ress of the Frisii, at one of the x. mouths of the Rhine, s.w. of Flevus lac. Accord­ing to some, the Pharos, built by Caligula in commemoration of his sham conquest of Britain, stood here. Thuis Britten ? III. Calela, a fortress of Apulia, on the borders of the Frentani,6 m. S.e. of Larinum. Casa Calenda. IV. Carvextaxa, a fortress of the Latini, on Algidus m., towards Corbio. V. Taochorum, capital of the Taochi, Armenia Inferior, near Boas fl., x.w. of Andaga.

Arxama, Mesopotamia, i. q. Arzamo.

Arycanda, a town of Lycia, at the junction of Arycandus fl. with Limyrus fl.

Arycandus fl., a r. of Lycia fl., falling into Limyrus fl.

Arymagdus fl., a r. of Cilicia, rising in Taurus m. and falling into Aulon Cilicius E. of Anemurium. Direk Ondessy.

Arzamo, I. a r. of Mesopotamia, rising in Masius m., at Mejacarire, and falling into Mygdonius fl. above its junction with Cha-boras fl. II. a town of Mygdonia, Meso­potamia, on Arzamo fl., R., bet. Horreand Macharta.

Arzenexe (Arxane, Arsane), a district of Armenia Major, N. of Arsissa Thospitis lac. Arzen.

Arzes (Atrauutzium), a town of Armenia, towards the source of the Euphrates. Ar-zenrum (" Arzen of the Romans "), Erze-rourn.

Arzus fl. (Assus), a r. of the Odrysse, in Thrace, falling into Hebrus fl., E. of Sub-supara. Tchorlu.

Asaac (Arsaac), the local name of Nissea, Parthia. The capital of Arsaces. (See Nissea.)

As Abo m., a m. of Arabia Felix, on the N.e. coast, terminating in Asabon prom.

As.ei (Asa?), Sarmatia Asiatica, i. q. Aspur-gitani.

Asama (Anatis, Adanis) fl., a r. of Mau-

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