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Akiosia regie, the N. portion of Chios ins., especially famous for its wines. Arvisia.

Arivates, a people of Pannonia Sup., con­tiguous to the Azali.

Arka, the capital of the Arkitoe, a tribe of Canaanites in Syria, 25 m. N. of Tripolis. Arka.

Arma (Horma), a town of Simeon, s. of Hazezon Thamar.

Armactica, i. q. Harmosia.

Armadilltjs ager, the district of Sarma-dillum in Japygia.

Armageddon m., a name of Carmel m., or of a peak of that m. overlooking Me-geddon.

Armalausi, a tribe of Hermunduri, on the Danube, w. of the Narisci. About Oterpfalz.

Armaliba fl. Vide Naarmah'ba.

Armanni, a people of Scythia i. Imaum, on the E. Rha.

Abmauria, a town of Colacene, Armen. Aniffara, Armavir.

Armaxa, a town of Cilicia in Cappadocia, bet. Eulepa (24) and Marandara (28).

Armendon ins., an isl. of Crete, N. of Sam-monium prom.

Armene (Harmene), I. a port of Paphla-gonia, w. of Sinope. Noted for the stupidity of its inhabitants, who walled it round to keep out the cold. II. of Pontus, bet. Prytanis fl. (3) and Pyxites fl. (8£).

Armenia (Harim), a country of Asia, divided by the Euphrates into Armenia Major and Armenia Minor.

Armenia major, the E. division of Armenia, bounded N. by Iberia and Albania, s. by Mesopotamia, Assyria, and Media, w. by Armenia Minor and Pontus, E. by Albania and the Caspian. Named, according to some, from Aram, son of Shem ; according to Strabo, from Armenius, a companion of Jason.

Armenia interior, a district of Armenia Major, on the borders of Armenia Minor and Poatus, N. of Sephene. Bartshaikh.

Armenia Minor, the w. division of Armenia, bounded N. by Pontus, s. by Cappadocia, at Melas fl., w. by Cappadocia, E. by Ar­menia Major, at the Euphrates. At one period it extended N. to the Euxine; and, in the time of Ptolemy it comprised Meli-tene, Lavianense, and Aravene of Cappa­docia. Its districts were Orbalisene and JEtulana (n.), jEretice, Orsena (Central), and Orbesinc (s.) Arabkir, Devriki, Er~ zinghan, and Turuberan.

Armexium, a town of Pelasgiotis, Thessaly, w. of Baebe lac. The birth-place of Ar-menus, colonizer of Armenia Asiat.

Armenochalybes, a people of Cappadocia, towards Armenia Major.

Armenia (Armina), I. a r. of Etruria, rising in Tuniata m., and falling into Inferum Mare below Armenta. Fiore. II. a town of Etruria, on Armenta fl., towards its mouth, bet. Forum Aurelii and Ad Novas (7), on Via Aurelia.

Armiana, a town of Aria, Tv. of Chaurina, towards the border of Parthia.

Armissa, a town of Germania Magna, bet. Samulocenna and Grinario.

Armoniacus fl. (Armua), a r. of Africa, falling into the Mediterranean, bet. Hippo Regius and Tabraca. Mafragg.

Armorica, generally the w. coast of Gaul: specially, in the time of Pliny, Aquitama; later, the coast bet. the Sequana and the Liger, or the modern Sretagne and Nor-mandie.

Armorium, a town of the Tolistoboii, Gala-tia, E, of Germa. Amoria.

Armosata. Vide Arsamosata.

Armoscla I. a r. of Zeugitana, falling into Bagradas fl., L., above Thacia. II. a town of Zeugitana, on Armoscla fl.

Arna, I. a town of Chalcidice, Macedonia, S.e. of Apollonia. II. of Lycise, i. q. Xan-thus. III. of Umbria, near Tiber fl., R., 1 geog. m. E. of Perusia. Civitella d' Arno.

Arne, I. a city of Phthiotis, Thessaly, near Demetrias. Founded, according to Strabo, by a colony of Boeotians, driven from their homes by the Pelasgi; or, according to Thucydides, itself the original seat of the Boeotians, who, expelled hence by the Thessalians, settled in Boeotia, B.c. H24.

II. of Boeotia, the early name of Chteronea or of Acrsephia, and of Boeotia itself.

III. fons, a fountain of Arcadia, J m. E. from Mantinea.

Arnissa, I. a town of Eordsea, Macedonia, E. of Cellse. II. of the Taulantii, Illyria, on Genusus fl., L., towards its mouth.

Arnon fl., a r. of Peraea, rising on the con­fines of Arabia, and falling into the Dead Sea, N.w. of Rabbath Moab. The boun­dary—first, bet. Moabitis and Ammonitis, then bet. Moabitis and Amoritis, and, lastly, bet. Moabitis and Reuben, Wady Mudschab.

Arnus, a r. of Etruria, rising in the Apen­nines, near Anneianum, 15 m. w. of the sources of the Tiber, and, after running by Florentia and Pisse, falling into the Tyr-rhenum mare at Portus Pisanus. Arno,

Aro fl., a rivulet of Etruria, falling into the sea at Fregense. Aroue.

Aroanius (Anius, Aorus) fl., a r. of Arcadia,

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