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Major. III. a ridge of Gordysei m., in Ararat regio, bet. Artaxata and Arsissa-Thospitis lacus. On one of its peaks the ark rested.

Ararus fl., Dacia, i. q. Aluta.

Aras, the first name of Phliasia, Pelop.

Arasaxa, a town of Morimene, Cappadocia, bet. Coduzabala (24) and Comana.

Arassus (Ariassus, Aarassus), a town of Pisidia, according to Artemidorus, of Pam-phylia, according to Hierocles, s.w. of Atalia, on Atalicus sin.

Aratha, a town of Margiana, E. of Sina.

Aratispi, a town of the Turtetani, Bsetica, N. of Alontigeceli.

Arattj, a town of the Zygritse, Marmarica, on the coast bet. Zygrse and Gerse.

Araura, I. i. q. Cessero. II. a town of the Volcae Arecomici, on Arauris fl., R., above Agathe.

Arauraca, a town of Armenia "Minor, on Euphrates fl., bet. Suissa (18) and Car-sagis (24).

Arauris fl. (Rauraris), a r. of Narbonen-sis I., rising in Cebenna m., N.e. of Con-datomagus, and falling into Gallicus sin. at Agatha. Towards its mouth it was called Petrosus, from its rocky bed. L'Erault.

Arausa, a town of the Dalmates, Illyria, on Titius fl. L., N.e. of Scardona.

Arausio (Civitas Arausiensis, Civitas Arau-sicorum, Colonia Secundanorum), capital of the Cavares, Gallia Viennensis, on the Rhone, above Avenio. A colonia. Orange.

Aravene, a western portion of Cataonia, Cappadocia.

Aravisci, a people of Pannonia Inf., s. of the Amantini.

Ahaxa, a town of Lycia, near Carmylcssus.

Araxene (Araxenus Campus), a district of Armenia Major, on the Araxis, below Ar-taxata. Erasskhaisor.

Araxks, I. generally an appellation of great rivers. II. (Arosis), a river of Persis Prop., rising on the confines of Susiana Cabandcne s., and falling into a l&ke S.e. of Persepolis. Bend-emir. III. a r. of Armenia Major, rising in Abus m., and, after separating Armenia from Media, fall­ing into the Cyrus above Taga, or, accord­ing to Strabo, into the Caspian, s. of the Cyrus. Arras; Eraschk.

Araxus prom., a pr. of Achaia, s.w. of Rhium. C. Papas.

Arba (Kirgath-Arba), the early name of Hebron.

Arbalo, a town of the Bmcteri Minores, Germ., S.e. of Aliso.

Arbe, the capital of Scardona ins., Liburnia.

The name was sometimes applied to the island itself. Arbe.

Arbej a, a town of the Brigantes Brit., E. of Viroeidum.

Ar.bela, I. a town of Galilsea, bet. Dio Casarea w. and Tiberias E. II. capital of Arbelitis Assyr., E.s.e. of Nineveh. Near it, at Gaugamela, was gained the victory of Alexander over Darius. Arbil.

Arbelitis, a district of Adiabene, Assyr., about Arbela. Arbah.

Arbis fl., I. Gedrosia, i. q. Cophen. II. a town of Egypt, on the Nile, R., above Moru.

Arbius m., a m. of Crete, where Jupiter was nurtured.

Arbor felix (pottea Arbonense Castrum), I. a town, of the Tugeni, Rhsetia, on Ve-netus lac. w. bet. Ad Fines (30) and Bri-gantia (20). Arl/on. II. of the Lingones, Gallia. Arbot-sur-Aube.

Arbucala, a town of the Vettones, Lnsi-tan., near Salmantica.

Arca, I. a r. of Phoenicia, falling into the sea 1 m. N. from Eleutherus fl. II. a town of Chaldsea, N.e. of Gera. Erech ? III. a town of Asher, Phoenicia, at the mouth of Area fl. Afterwards named Csesarea, as the birth-place of Alexander Severus.

Arcades, the people of Arcadia, in Pelo­ponnesus, of such antiquity that they boasted to be older than the moon.

Arcadia, I. (Arcades), a town of Crete, bet. Gortys and Lyctus (10), the streams around which sympathetically ceased to flow when the town was taken by the Gnossians, and only resumed their course upon their expulsion six years afterwards. Arcadioti. II. .^gypti, i. q. Heptanomis. III. (Pelasgia, Lycaonia, Parrhasia), a coun­try of Peloponnesus, bounded N. by Achaia, s. by Messenia and Laconia, w. by Elis, E. by Argolis. Settled by Pelasgi from Thessaly 1521 B.c. Named from Areas, son of Jupiter and Callisto. IV. a for­tress of Zacynthus ins., s.w. of Zacyn-thus.

Arcaiaris (Carcha), a town of Agstanitis Armen., bet. Sardeva and Samachis.

Arcas, Cappadocia, i. q. Carmala.

Arcesine, a town of Auiorgos ins., on its N. coast. Arkesini.

Arcf.uthus fl., a river of Apamene, Syria, falling into the Orontcs towards Antiochia. Jayhra?

Archalla, a town of Cappadocia, s. of Cadyna. Erkle.

Archandropolis, a town of Lower Egypt, on the Canopic branch of the Nile, bet.

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