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Aporisdocome, i. q. Apira, in Phrygia. Apostana, a maritime town of Persia, bet

Areon fl. and Bagrada fl. Appha, a town of Parthia, s.w. of Tabas. Apphadana, apud Ptolemaeum, i. q. Dara

Mesopotamia. Apphaxa ins., an isl. of Susiana, in Persicus

sin., off Sacer sin.

Appia, a town of Phrygia, near Synnada. Appianum, atown of the Tridentini, Rhietia,

N.e. of Ennemas&e.

Appiaria, a town of the Getae, Moesia, on

the Danube, bet. Transmarisca and Tegrae.

AppiolM, a town of the Volsci, Latium, bet.

Setia and Privernum. Dest. by Tarquinius


Aprositos ins., i. q. Pluvialia.

Aprus, a town of the Apsynthii, Thrace, on

Melas fl., bet. Zesutera (12) and Bedizus

(12). A colonia of Claudius.

Aprusa fl., a r. of Umbria, falling into the

Adriatic s. of Ariminum. Ausa.

Aprustum (Abystrum), a town of the

Bruttii, Lucania, N.w. of Thurii. Argusto.

Apsalus, a town of Almopoeia, Macedonia,

on Trigonus fl., w. of Anavasarium. Apsards, I. (Apsarrus, Acampsis), a r. of Pontus, forming the junction of Glaucus and Lycus fl., and falling into the Euxine, 2 m. N. from Apsarum. Tchoroksou. II. (Apsyrtus), a port of Pontus, bet. Achabis fl. (7j) and Apsarus fl. (2). Named Ap­syrtus from Medea, whose tomb was shown in the vicinity. Gonieh. Apstl^e (Apsilii), a town of Colchis, on the

Phasis, bet. the Abasgi and the Lazi. Apsorus, I. chief of the Apsyrtides ins., Li-burnise, s. of Apsyrtium. Osero. II. its capital, at the N. extremity. Apsus fl. (Thapsus), a r. of Illyria, rising in Bercetesius m., S.e. of Codrion, and falling into the Adriatic below Asparagium, 15 m. s. from Genusus fl. Ergent; Beratino. Apsinthii, a people of Thrace, on the Melas sinus, N.w. of Chersonnesus Thracius. Their district was noted for the plant called after them. Apsinthus, Thraciae, i. q. ^Enos. Apsyrtides ins., print Brigeides, four isl. of Liburnia, in the Adriatic, off Polaticum prom. Named from Apsyrtus, brother of Medea. Apsyrtis ins., an isl. of Liburnia, s. of

Crepsa ins. Ferosina. Apsyrtium ins., one of Apsyrtides ins., Li-

burniae, s. of Apsarus. CAerso. Apta julia (Civitas Aptensium), a town of the Vulgientes, Narbonensis II., bet. Cabellio (12) and Alaunium. A colonia. Aft.

Aptera. a town of Crete, in the S.e. angle of Martilus sin., 10 m. w. from Cydonia. The locality of the defeat of the Syrens by the Muses, whence the name " wingless." Pal&o-castro.

Aptuchi fanum, postea Aptungis, Balacra, a maritime town of Pentapolis, Cyrenaicae, 15 m. s.w. from Physcus. Apua, capital of the Apuani, in Laguria, N.

of Luna.

Apuani, a people of Liguria, contiguous to the Briniates, afterwards removed to Sam-nium. Afuli, descendants of the Osci, settled with

the Dauni, in Apulia.

Apulia, originally the district of Italy, along the E. coast, S.e. of the Frentani, occupied by the Apuli. Later the entire S.e. of the peninsula E. of Lucania and Samnium, s. of the Frentani.

Apulia daunia, Plana, vide Daunia. Apulum (Apula, Augustum), postea Alba Julia, a town of the Burideenses, Dacia, on Marisus fl., 8 m. N. from Blandiana. A colonia. Weissenburg. Apus fl.^ a r. of Dacia, falling into the Danube below the junction of Margus fl. Nera.

AauA Ferentina, the source of Ferentina fl., near Apiolae, Latium. The council place of the confederate Latin cities. Aqua martia, a canal from Facinus lac. to

Rome, through Tibur.

Aqua tepula, a watercourse from Tusculmn

to Rome, constructed by the censors Csepio

and Longinus, and M. Agrippa. Tepi-


AacA Virgo, a watercourse from Tusculum

to Rome. Aqua Vergine. Aqua viva, I. atown of Etruria, on Tiberis fl., R., bet. Ad Centesimum (7) and Ocri-culum, on Via Flaminia, S.E. of Falerii. Aqua Viva. II. of the Jassii, Pannonia, on Dravus fl., R., bet. Ramista (10) and Populi.

Qu^e, I. baths of Germania Magna, N.e. of Cambete. (Civitas Aurelia Aquensis). Ba­den. II. baths of Mauritania Caesar., bet. Suffasar (2G) and Tanaramusa. A colonia. Hamam Meriga. III. of the Tigurini, Maxima Sequanorum, s.w. of Augusta Rauracorum. IV. of Zeugitana, 19 m. S.e. from Musti. V. of Zeugitana, near Aves. VI. Albule^e, a sulphureous lake, with floating islands, at Tibur, emptying itself into the Tiber. It gave name to the Tiburtine Sibyl. VII. Ang<e, baths of Bruttium, N.w. of Lametus. VIII. Apol-Linares, of Etruria, on Minio fl., bet. Sabate (10) and Tarquinii (12), on Via

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