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with which it was connected by a bridge. Built by Seleucus. Roum-Kala, 2 m. x. from El Bir. V. prius Cibotus, a city of Phrygia Magna, on Maeander fl., above its

. junction with Glaucus fl., E.n.e. of Chonse. Built by Antiochus Soter, and named after his mother Apama. The second commer­cial city of Asia Minor. Deenare. VI. of Babyl., on the Tigris, at the confluence of the Euphrates. Korna.

Apamene, a district of Syria, E. of Cas-siotis.

Apax.este, a town of Peucetia, on Via Frentana, bet. Barium (22) and Egnatia (15). S. Vila.

Apahni (Parnse), a people of Sogdiana.

Aparthexi, a people of Sarmatia Asiat., about the sources of Imites fl.

Apasida, a town of Colchis, at the mouth of Acinasis fl.

Apaturxis (Apaturum), a town of Cherso-nesus Taurica, near Cimmerium prom. Named from a temple of Venus Apatura.

Apavartice (Abarbina), capital of Apa-varcticene, Margianae.

Apavarcticexe (Atcticene), a district of Parthia, S.e. The seat of the Abii.

Aperl.e (Aperrce), a town of Lycia, at Acroterium prom., 7J m. w. from Si-mcna.

Apelaurus m., a m. of Arcadia, 1 { m. from Stymphalus.

Apexxixus m., m. running through Italj from Alpes Maritime, about Genua, to the coast of the Adriatic, near Ancona, Garganus prom., then inclining to Inferum mare, and terminating, after a course of 700 m., at Leucopetra prom. Apennines.

Aperaxtia, I. a district of ^Etolia, bounded N. by Athamania, w. by Amphilochia, E. by JEniania and Dolopia. Carpenitze. II. its capital, on Campylus fl. Carpe­nitze.

Aperopia ins., an isl. of Argolis, in Her-mionus sin. Dhoko.

Apesas m. (Apesus, Apsesantus), a m. of Argolis, E. of Nemea, whence Theseus took his flight.

Apharsites, a colony from Chaldsea settled in Samaria.

Aphas, a r. of the Molossi, Eph-us.

Aphek (Aphaka), I. a city of Asher, bet. Heliopolis and Byblus, on Adonis fl. Noted for a temple of Astarte (Venus), and for a lake, the water of which bore

„ any weight, however ponderous. Afka.

II. of Gaulonitis, bet. Gaulon and Hippus.

III. of Judsea, on the borders of Judah and Benjamin, E. of Jerusalem, where the Philistines took the Ark from the He-

brews. Feik. IV. of Issachar, a royal city of the Canaanites, N. of Jezreel. In its neighbourhood occurred the battle fatal to Saul and Jonathan.

Apherema, i. q. Ephraim.

A.vketm, a port at the w. entrance of the Pagasreus sin., below Larissa, deriving its name from the departure hence of the Argonauts. Felio.

Aphidaxtes, a tribe of Molossi, Epirus.

Aphidxa, I. a demus of Attica, of the tribe Leontis, near Deoeleia, 15 m. x.w. from Athens, where Theseus concealed Helena. II. a town of Laconia.

Aphle, a town of Chaldaea, on the Eu­phrates, below its confluence with the Tigris.

Aphxitis palus, a lake of Mysia, E. of Zelea.

Aphora (Gephora), a maritime town of Tripolis, Africa, bet. Getullum and Me-gerthis.

Aphrodisias, I. an isl. of Bsetica, i. q. Junonis ins. II. La;a, an isl. of Cyre-naica, N.w. of Darnis. III. a maritime district of .iEolis Asiat., opposite Lesbos.

IV. a prom, of Caria, in Doridis sin., bet. Schsenus sin. and Thymnias sin. V. a town of Aphrodisias ins., Cyrenaicae. VI. prius Leleges, Megalopolis, Ninoe, a town of Caria, on Orsinus fl., 8 m. above An-tiochia ad Mamndrum, on the borders of Phrygia. Gheira. VII. of Cilicia Trachea, at Zephyrium prom. ("W.). VIII. of La­conia, on the E. shore of BEeaticus sin., s. of Cotyrta. Founded by .ffineas. IX. of Thrace, at the entrance of Chersonnesus Thracius, bet. Apri (34) and CallipoUa (35), on Egnatia Via.

Aphrodiscm (Pyrena^um, Veneris), I. a prom, of Tarraconensis, the termination of the Pyrenees, on the Mediterranean, N. of Rhodes. C. Creux. II. a town of Ar­cadia. III. of Cyprus, on the N. coast, 8| m. x. from Salamis. IV. of Zeugitana, on Neapolitanus sin., x. of Hadrumetum.

V. a haven of Numidia, s. of Hippo Re­gius. El Berber. VI. the middle basin of Pireeus, Athen.

Aphrodite. Vide Myos Hormus.

Aphroditis, a town of Thebais, bet. Didy-mis and Compasis.

Aphroditopolis, I. a town of Heptanomis, on the Nile, R., bet. Ancyronpolis and Acanthus. Atfyh. II. of Lower Egypt, on the Bubastic branch of the Nile, above Bubastus. III. of Thebais, on the Nile, L., bet. Abotis and Crocodilopolis. TacAta.

Aphytis, a town of Pallene, Macedonia, on Thermaicus sin., s. of Potida;a.

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