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through Cappadocia to the Euphrates. AHdayh.

Antium, I. the early name of Genna. II. capital of the Yolsci, Latium, on Mare In-ferum, bet. Lavinium (17) and Astura (7), ontheViaSeveriana. Founded by Anthias, son of Circe, or by Ascanins. A colonia. 468 B.c. The birth-place of Nero, and of the historian Valerius j the death-place of Coriolanus. Here were found the Apollo Belvedere, the Fighting Gladiator, &c.; and hence were taken the beaks of the ships, which were formed into the chief Rostrum of the Forum at Rome. Porto ffAnzo and Netttmo.

Antivest^eum prom., i. q. Bolerinm.

Antobroges, a people of Aquitania, N. of the Tasconi. About Antouin, in the diocese of Cofiors, and in the diocese of Montau-tan.

Anto^a fl., i. q. Avona.

Antonacum, a town of the Treveri, Ger-mania II., on the Rhine, bet. Bonna (16J) and Confluentes (13J). Andernach.

Antonini vallum, Britannia, a renovation by Lollius Urbicus, under Antoninus Pius (a.e. 140), of the second wall of Agricola, bet. Glota sestuarium and Bodotria aBstua-rium. Grtpme's Dyke.

Antoninopolis, I. a town of Bithynia, 28 m. from Anadynata. Founded by Antoninus. Tscherlsiesch, II. Tela, of Mesopotamia, E. of Edessa and Dara. Named by Con-stantius Constantia, and by Maximian Maximianopolis. Tel Kiuran.

Antron (Antronse), a town of Phthiotis, Thessaly, S.e. of Pteleum, at the entrance

. of Pagasaeus sin. Noted for its mill­stones. Agios Teodoros.

Antros ins., an isl. of Aquitania II., at the mouth of Garnmna fl. It was reputed to rise and fall with the tide. Corduan.

Anuath, a town of Samaria, bet. Silo N.e. and Geba s.

Anubingara, a port of Taprobane, N. bet. Phasis and Nagadiba.

Anurogrammum, a city of Taprobane, un­der Galibi m. w., 8 m. E. from Jogana. Anarodgurro.

Anxa, Japygiae, i. q. Callipolis.

Axxantia, postea Anxino, Ansuino, a town of the Marsi, Sabinium, on Fucinus lac., N.w. above Lucus Angitiae. Poggio Fi-lippo.

Anxanum, I. a town of Daunia, Apulia, at the mouth of Cerbalus fl., bet. Sipontum andSalinae. Rivoli. II. (Anxia, Anxa), of the Frentani, Samnium, bet. Ortona (10) and Annum (4), on Via Flaminia. A co­lonia. Lanciano Vecchio.

Anxia, s town of Lucania, on Casuentus fl. L., bet Potentia (15) and Gmmentum (18). Ami.

Anxcr, the Volscian name of Tarracina, Latium.

Anydrus, I. an isl. of Ionia, in Hermius sin., over against Clazomenae. II. one of the summits of Hymettus m. Lampro Vouni.

Anygath, postea Angadrat, a town of Ethiopia, w. towards the Niger. Aghade.

Anzitene (Azetene), a district of Sophene, Arm., on the Euphrates, L., above Amida. Hanozith.

Aoi stena, a defile of -flSropus m., on the confines of Illyria and Epirus, through which Aous fl. runs. Near Clissura.

Aones, a tribe of Leleges, occupying Aonius Campus in Boeotia, prior to the invasion of Cadmus. Named after Aon, son of Neptune.

Aonia, the primitive name of Bceotia.

Aoxius campus, Boeotia, the plain in which Thebes stood.

Aorata saltus, a defile in Lentiani colles, bet. Cyzicus and Lopadium.

Aornos, I. a fortress of the Assaeani, India, on a rock at the junction of the Cophes with the Indus. Deemed impregnable until taken by Alexander. II. of Bac-triana, situate on a high rock near Bactra.

Aorsi (Adorsi), a people of Sarmatia Asiat., who from the N.w. shore of the Caspian removed to the Tanais.

Aorus fl., Arcadia, i. q. Arsanius.

Aoiis fl. (Alorus), Illyr., i. q. jEas.

Apjesds, I. a r. of Mysia, falling into Pro-pontis, w. of Priapus. Beiram-dere. II. Paesus, a town of Mysia, bet. Parium and Lampsacus, on Apaesus fl. A Milesian settlement.

Apait.i:, a Utter name of the Cercetse, in Pontus.

Apamaris (Arimara), a town of Cyrrhestica, Syr., on the Euphrates, bet. Eragiza and Serrhse (8).

Apamea, prius Pella, I. a city of Apamene, near the Orontes, y. of Larissa. Built by Antigonus ; re-named by Seleucus Nica-tor after his queen. Kalaat el Medyk ,• Phamiat. II. of Bithynia, 24 m. N. of Prusa, built on the site of Myrtea, by Prusias, and named after his queen. A colonia of Julius Csesar (Julia Concordia). Modania. III. (Arsace), surnamed Ra-giana, Raphiana, of Medea-Choarene, 10 geog. m. s. of Caspian portse, S.e. of Ragse. IV. (Seleucia), of Osrhoene, on the Euphrates, and opposite Zeugma,

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