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Antic yr a (Anticirrha), I. a town of Phocis, on a bay of the Corinthiacus sinus, bet. Cirrha and Medeon. Noted for its helle­bore. Aspro Spiti. II. of Jiniania, Thes-saly, on Maliacus sin., at the mouth of Sperchius fl. Also noted for its helle­bore.

Anticragus m., lofty cliffs of Lycia, on Glaucius sin., x.w. of Telmessus, in some sort the back of Cragus m. Soum-bourlou.

Antigoxe^e fauces, a defile of the Acro-cerauni m., bet. Illyria and Chaonia.

Antigonia, I. prius Sigia, an earlier name of Alexandria Troas, from Antigonus. II. a town of Chaonia, Epirus, w. of Omphalium. Argyro Castro. III. of Crucis, Chalcidice, Maced., N.e. of Com-brea. IV. the early name of Nicsea, Bithynia. V. surnamed Fsaphara, a town of Pelagonia, on Thermaicus sin., near -flSneum prom. VI. of Seleucis, Syria, near Antiochia, whither its inhabitants were removed by Seleucus Nicator.

Antigoxis, a tribe or ward of Attica, named after Antigonus, father of Demetrius Poli-orcetes. Afterwards named Attalis, in honour of king Attalus.

Antilibaxus m., m. of Coele-Syria, parallel E. with Libanus m., and blending with the m. of Trachonitis. Jebel el Gharbi.

Antinoe (Autinoopolis, prius Besa), a town of Heptanomis, on the Nile, bet. Speos-Artemidos and Pesla, nearly oppo­site Hermopoh's. Enlarged by Hadrian, and re-named by him after his favourite Antinous, drowned here. Sheikh Abadeh.

Antinum (Atina), a town of the Marsi, Sa-binium, on Liris fl., 5 miles s.w. from Angitise. A municip. Citta d'Antina.

Axtiochi solen, a port of the Adulitse, on the Red Sea, CO geog. m. S.e. from Adulis.

Antiochia, I. prius Reblata, a city of Apamene, Syr., cap. of Syria, on both sides of the Orontes, 30 m. from the sea. Founded by Seleucus Nicator, and named after his father; surnamed Epidaphnes, from the neighbouring Daphne; Tetra-polis, from its four quarters; and, later, Theopolis, from its earnest reception of Christianity. By Strabo it is ranked the third city of the world. Antakia; An-tioch. II. ad Cragum, a town of Cilicia Trachea, on Cragus m. Antiochetta. III. Lamotis, capital of Lamotis Regio, Cilicia, at the mouth of Lam us fl. IV. ad Mee-andrum, prius Pythopolis, a city of Caria, bet. Mteander fl. and Orsinus fl., near their junction. Enlarged and re-named by

Antiochus, son of Seleucus. Noted for the fig Triphylla. The birth-place of Dio-trephis the sophist. Jfni-Sher. V. of Pisidia, bet. Apamea Cibotus (69) and Iconium (65). Founded by Antiochus Soter, 250 B.c. A colonia (Colonia Cfie-sarea) of Tiberius. Prominent in the his­tory of St. Paul. Yalobatch. VI. ad Py-ramum, ad Sarum, a town of Cilicia Cam-pestris, bet. Pyramus and Sarus fl., 19 m. E. from Mallus. VII. ad Taumm, a town of Commagene, Syr., under Amanus m., N.w. Bahasna. VIII. of Margiana, i. q. Alexandria. IX. ad Callirrhoen, Mesopo­tamia, i. q. Edessa. X. of Mesopotamia, i. q. Nisibis. XI. of Susiana, i. q. Charax.

Antiochiana, the s. division of Lycaonia.

Antiochis, I. a tribe or ward of Attica, named after Antiochus, son of Hercules;

II. a district of Syria, about Antioch;

III. of Cilicia, i. q. Lamotis.

Antipatria, a town of Phoebatis, Ulyria, S.e. of Chrysondio.

Axtipatris, prius Kapharsaba, a t. of Sa­maria, towards the sea, 12 m. N.e. from Joppa. Enlarged by Herod, and named by him Antipatris, in honour of his father. Kaffr Suba.

Antiphellus, a port of Lycia, over againsfe Megiste ins. (6J), S.e. of Phellus. Vathry ; Antifllo.

Antiphiije, a maritime town of Dacia, bet. Arpis and Cremniscus.

Antiphra, I. an isl. of Marmarica, over against Antiphra. II. a maritime town of Marmarica, E. of Catabathmus Major.

ANTjpons, capital of the Deciates, Narbo-nensis II., on the coast bet. Var fl. (10) and Ad Horrea (12). Founded by the Phocseans circa 500 B.c. Antibes.

Antifyb.gos, a port of Marmarica, bet. Scythranius portus and Petrse parvse portus.

Anti&uaria, a town of the Turtetani, Bsetica, bet. Astapa N.vr. and Ilipula Magna N.e. Antiquera.

Antirrhium prom. (Rhium Molycricum, Rhium ^Etolicum), a headland of ^Etolia, at the inner entrance to the Corinthiacus sin., over against Rhium in Arcadia, from, which it is distant 5 stadia, according to Strabo, 7 according to Thucydides, 10 ac­cording to Scylax.

Antissa, a town of Lesbos ins., N. of Sigrium prom. The birth-place of Ter-pander. Galas Limneonas.

Antistiana, a town of the Lseetani, Tarra-conensis, N.w. of Carthago vetus.

Antitaurus, a ridge of Taurus m., running

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