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rates fl., below Aziris. II. of the Taurisci

Noricum, on Anisus fl., 17 m. E, from

Vocarium. Radstadt. Anias fl., Arcadia, i. q. Aroanius. Apjidus fl., Africa, i. q. Asama. Anieses, a people of Sogdiaua, about the

sources of the Jaxartes. Anigh.«a, a district of Argolis, on Argolicus

sin., N. of Thyrea. Noted for its olives. Anighiadum fons, a fountain of Triphylia,

Elis, falling into Anigrus fl. near its source.

Reputed good for cutaneous disorders. Anigrcs fl. (Minyeus), a r. of Triphylia,

Elis, rising in Lapitha m., and losing itseli

in a marsh on the sea-coast, near Samia.

- Remarkable in connexion with the story of

the Centaurs and of Hercules. Mmro-

potamo, Sidero.

Aninetum (Aninesum), a town of Lydia. Anio, I. prius Anienus, a r. of Italy, rising

near Trebia, and falling into the Tiber at

Antemnse. Named from Anius, king of

the Etruscans. Noted for its cataract;

•whence its title, Prteceps. Teverone.

II. Novus, Aqua Claudia, an aqueduct

from Anio fi. to Rome, constructed under


Anistorgis, Hispania, i. q. Conistorgis. Anisus fl. (Anasus), a r. of Noricum, rising

E. of Vacorium, and falling into the Danube

at Lauriacum. Ens.

Anitha, a town of Moabitis, s. of Mephaat. Annamatia, a town of Valeria, Pannonia,

bet. Salinum (22) and Intercisa, N.e. of

Volcea lac. Duna Penlele. Anneianum, I. a town of the Magelli,

Etruria, bet. Florentia (20) and Castellum

-f- (25). II. oftheVeneti, Venetia, bet. Vicus Varianus (18) and Ateste (20). Legnano.

Annibi m., m. of Serica. Altai Alin.

Axxina, a district of Tenesis, ^Ethiopia, N.w. of Abala.

Annum, a town of the Frentani, Samnium, on Sagrus fl., bet. Anxanum (4) and Pal-lanum (12).

Axonum fons, a fountain of Laconia, at Derrbium.

Anop^ea, a defile of the Malienses, bet. Aso-pus and Alpenus, by which the Persian army turned tbe position of the Greeks at the battle of Thermopylae.

Ansiuarii (Ansivarii), a tribe of the Chauci, on the w. bank of the Visurgis. About Mhulen in Westphalia.

Ant.eopolis, a town of Thebais, on the Nile, R., bet. Muthis and Passalon. Named from Antseus. Quaou.

Antandrus, a town of yEolis Asiat., on Adramyttenus sin., at the foot of Alex­andria m., opposite Coryphas, 16 m. Tv.

from Adramyttium. An jGolian colony, Settled also by Cimmerii and Edones from Thrace. Antandro.

Antaradus, a town of Phoenicia, on the coast, over against Aradus. Named Con-stantia after Constautius. Tortosa. Anteis (Antiae), a town of the Salves, Nar-bonensis II., bet. Forum Julii and Mata-vonium. Draguignan. Antelia, a town of Cappadocia, in Saravene

prefecture. Antemnse, a Siculian town of Sabinium,

locally in Latium, on Anio fl. Anteus fl., a r. of Pisidia, at Antiochia.


Anthea, I. a town of Achaia, the inhabitants of which were removed to Patrae. II. Eu-anthea, a name of Tralles. III. a name of Messenia.

Anthedon (Anthedonius portus, Athe-niensis portus), I. a town of Argolis, on Saronicus sin., N.w. of Spiraeum prom. Francolimni. II. of Boeotia, on Euripus, bet. Anchoe (7) and Salganeus (9). The birth-place of the sea-god Glaucus. III. of Simeon, Judaea, on Besor fl., near its mouth, 5 m. N.w. from Gaza. Rebuilt by Herod, and named Agrippias. Anthele, a town of Malienses, Thessaly,

near Asopus fl., w. of Thermopylae. Anthemus, I. a r. of the Apsilae, Sarmatia, falling into the Euxine at Dioscurias. II. a district of Mygdonia, Macedonia, N.e. of Thessalonica. III. a lake of Myg­donia, at Anthemus. IV. capital of Anthe-mus regio, on Anthemus lac., N.e. of Thessalonica. Near Langaza. V. i. q. Samos.

Anthemusia, I. a district of Osrhoene, Me­sopotamia, N.w. on Euphrates fl., w. of Gauzonitis. II. its capital, bet. Dacara and Corsea, w. of Edessa. Anthene, I. a town of Argolis, on the con­fines of Laconia, s.E. of Tegea. Named after Anthe, daughter of Neptune. II. of the Damasae, Ind., on Doanas fl. III. one of the Pisistratidae ins., Ionia. Anthylla, a town of Lower Egypt, on the Canopic branch of the Nile, S.e. of Alex­andria; the revenues of which were as­signed by the Persian conquerors to the queens of Persia for shoe money. Antiaxa, a town of Valeria, Pannonia, on the Danube, 24 m. N. from Mursa. Batina. Antibole ostium, the E. and principal mouth

of the Ganges. Anticasius m., m. of Cassiotis, Syria, s. of

Casius m.

Anticinolis, a port of Paphlagoniu, 7J m. E. from Cinolis.

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