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Anderyca, a port of the Eegni, Brit. I., bet. Othona portus and Adurni portus. Seqford.

Andekis, a town of the Cantii, Brit. Rye.

Anderitum, I. the early capital of the Gabali, Aquitania I., S.e. of Aqu0e Calidse. Anterrieux. II. a town of theParisii, Lug-duncnsis IV. ,on Scquanafl.,R., at the junc­tion of Isara fl.

Andes, I. (Andecavi, Ondicavai), a people of Lugdunensis III., on Liger fl., having the Turones E., Namnetes w., Pictones s.,and Aulerci N. Department of Mayenne. II.

.. their capital, near Liger fl., W.n.w. of Caesarodunum, posted Juliomagus, in ho-

. nour of Julius Csesar. Angers. III. a vil­lage near Mantua, S.e. The birth-place of Virgil. Pietola.

Andesina, a town of the Leuci, Belgica I., N.e. of Tullum (1C). Nancy or d'Essay.

Andethanna, a town of the Treveri, in Belgica I., bet. Orolaunum (22J) and Au­gusta Treverorum (20$). Nieder Anwen.

Andetrium, a fortress of the Dalmatic, in Illyria, 3 m. N.w. from Salon. Clissa.

Andium, an isl. of Britain.

Andomatis fl., i. q. Sonus.

Andosii, a people of Celtiberia, K. of the jErenosii. About Altousane, near Pons.

Andraca, a town of Cappadocia, towards Zama.

Andrapa, posted Neoclaudiopolis, a town of Paphlagonia, S.e. of Olgasys m. s., 9 m. N.w. from Galea.

Andria, I. a town of Phrygia. II. of Tri-phylia, Elis, on the coast, near Pyrgos.

Andriaca, I. a town of Lycia, at the mouth of Andriacus fl., j m. E. from Simena. The port of Myra. ~Andraki. II. of Media Magna, bet. Ecbatana and Parachoana.

Andriacus fl., a r. of Lycia, falling into the Mediterranean at Andriaca. Andraki.

Andricus, I. a r. of Cilicia Campestris. II. a summit of Taurus, in Cilicia Trachea, overlooking Charadrus.

Andrius fl., a r. of Troas, falling into the Scamander below Cebrene fl. Lidjick Deresaetchai.

Axdrona (Acoraba), baths of Chalybonitis, N.w. of Salaminias. Haman.

Andropolis, a town of Egypt, on Agathos Daemon fl., N. of Cynecopolis. Gha-bur.

Andropophagi, cannibals, variously placed in N.e. Africa and elsewhere.

Androri (Andres), a tribe of Ananianes, Liguria. About Casteygio.

Andros, I. (Lasia, Cauros, Nonagria, Hy-drussa, Epagris) one of the Cyclades ins.,

. bet. Geriestus prom. (10) and Ceos (3U).

Andro. II. its capital, on the w. coast.

Andro. Androsia (Acitoriziacum), a town of Galatia,

on Halys fl., 33 m. from Eccobriga. Anduetium, a town of Rhsetia, near the

Danube, bet. Carnuntum and Gerulatis. Andusia, a town of the Volcae Arecomici,

Narbonensis, on Vardo fl., N.w. of Am-

brussum. Anduze. Anemo fl., a r. of Gallia Cispadana, rising s.

of Mutila, and falling into the Adriatic s.

of Spineticum Ostium. Amone. Anemoessa, a place in Arcadia, on Helisson

fl., N.w. of Bucolion. Anemoria, " blown by the mountain wind,"

a town of Phocie, near Hyampolis, under

Calopterius m. Anemuricm, I. a town of Cilicia Trachea, at

Anemurium prom. Anamour. II. a pr.

of Cilicia, the s. extremity of Asia Minor,

over against Crommyon prom, in Cyprus

(23J). C. Anamour. Anesica, a town of Histria, bet. Fons Ti-

mavi and Ad Malum (18), N.e. of Tergeste,

Senasetsch. Aneu ins., an isl. of Arabia Felix, in the

Red Sea, over against Hippus m. Maaman. Angarii, the early name of the Angrivarii. Angaris, a m. of Judsea, on the coast N. of

Gaza. Angele, a demus of Attica, of the tribe

Pandionis, N.w. of Brauron. Apangellaki, Angelocome, a fortress of Bithynia, towards

Nicsea. Angites fl., a r. of Thrace, rising in Cercius

m. E., and separating the Odomanti from

the Edones. Anyhista. Angill^e, a town of the Turduli, Bstica, on

Singilis fl. above Singilis. Angitia, a town of the Marsi, Sabinium, N.

of Lucus Angitise. Angitula fl., a r. of Bruttium, faUing into

Hipponiates sin. at Ad Angitulam. An-

gitoia. Angli, a tribe of Suevi, who, from the E,

side of the Albis, migrated to the w. side,

and settled about Lagnus sin., N. of the

Saxones. Schleswiff and part of Hoi-

stein. Angrivarii, a tribe of Ingsevones, on the

Visurgis, N. of the Cherusci. About

Angerti. Anguillaris, a town of Etruria, on the

Sabatinus lac., 25 m. N.w. of Rome. ANcf Lus, a town of the Vestini, Picenum,

on Salina fl. L., bet. Hadria and Saline.

Citta Sanf Angela. Angustia, a town of the Cotenses, Dacia,

on Ararus fl. R. Ani, I. a town of Chorzene, Arm., on Pyxi-

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