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drosia, i. q. Ora. VI. of India i. Gangem, at the junction of the Indus and Hyphasis.

VII. surnamed Sogdiana, of India, on the Indus, below Alexandria ad Hyphasin.

VIII. posted Antiochia, of Margiana, on Margus fl., E. of Apavartice. Destroyed by the barbarians and rebuilt by Antiochus, son of Seleucus, and named by him Antio­chia. Mmm; Schah Djehan. IX. of the Orsipi, Bactria, under Parapomisus m., bet. Saragana and Ortospana, on Dargo-manes fl. X. of Mysia, i. q. Antandrus. XI. of Oxiana, s. of Maracauda, on Oxus fl., s.w. of Alexandria Ultima. XII. sur­named ad Issum, of Cilicia, on Issicus sin., 16 m. s. from Baiae. Built by Alexander in memory of the battle of Issus. Scan-deroon; Alessandretta. XIII. surnamed ad Latmum, of Caria, towards Latmos m. XIV. surnamed\J\tim& (Alexandroschata), of Sogdiana, on Jaxartes fl., towards its source. Built by Alexander. Near Khod-jend. XV. Susianji, vide Charax. XVI. surnamed Troas, prius Antigonia, a mari­time city of Troas, s. of Sigseum. Built by Antigonus, enlarged by Lysimachus. "Under Rome a colonia. It was hence St. Paul and St. Luke sailed for Mace­donia ; and it was here that St. Paul re­stored Eutychus to life. The birth-place of Hegesianax, of Histisea, and of Hege-mon. Eski Stamboul.

Ajlexandriopolis (Sauloe), a town of Par-thia-Siracene, N.e. of Hecatompylos.

Aiexaxdrium, a town of Acrabbatene, Sa­maria, E.n.e. of Silo. Built by Alexander Jannseus. Kuryzeb.

Aiexandroscex*, a maritime town of Galilsea Superior, bet. Album prom, and Achzib.

Alexia, i. q. Alesia.

Alg^e, a maritime town of Etruria, on Via Aurelia, bet. Centumcellas (3) and Rapio (3). Tor-re Numo.

Aj.gtdum, a town of the JEqui, Latium, Ifi m. s.E. of Rome, on the Via Latina. Rocca del Papa.

Algidus m., a range of hills in Latium, E. of Albanus m.

Aliassus, a town of the Trocmi, Galatia, on the Halys, L., N. of Aspona (18).

Alibaca, a town of the Pentapolis, Cyre-naica, S.e. of Berenice.

AxicANUM(Heclitanum,reert!aRaclinatum), a town of Pannonia Superior, on Murus fl., 40 m. s.w. from Sabaria. Szerdahely.

Alicodra, a town of Bactriana, w. of Oxus fl.

Aligomari fons, a sacred stream and foun­tain of Lydia, running near Mossine.

Alii, a town of Phrygia.

Alil^ei (Hevila), a people of Arabia Felix,

on the Red Sea, bet. the Cinsedocolpitse

and the Cassanitse. Named from the god­dess Alilat (Urania). Halil. Alimala, Lyciae, i. q. Amelas. Alimne, LycisE, i. q. Amelas. Alimus, a demus of Attica, of the tribe

Leontis, near Colias prom., 41 m. S.e.

from Athens. The birthplace of Thucy-

dides. Mysla.

Alina ins., an isl. of Caria, off Crya. Alinda, a town of Caria, bet. Stratonicea

and Cosimia. Alcina. Alind.ea (Calindoea), a town of Mygdonia,

in Macedonia, on Axius fl., S.e. of Ido-

mene. Alinza (Orosa), a town of Media, E. of

Nazada. Near Tahar. Aliph£ra, a town of Arcadia, on the con­fines of Triphylia, s.w. of Metense. Nero-

vitza. Alisarna (Elisame, Haliseme), a town of

Mysia, near Pergamum. Alisca, a town of Valeria, Pannonia, 7 m.

s.E. from Ala Nova. Szexard. Alitroi-e, i. q. Alope, Thessal. Ai.jsincum, a town of the _*3dui, Lugdunen-

sis I., w. of Augustodunum. Anizy le

Grand. Aliso, I. a r. of the Bructeri Majores,

Germania, falling into Lupia fl., R., at

Aliso. II. (Tropasa Drusi), a town of the

Bructeri Majores, Germania, on Aliso fl.,

at its junction with Lupia fl. Built by

Drusus. Linooni. Alista, a maritime village of Corsica, 5 m.

w. from Graniacum prom. Torre Salen-

zara. Alistus, a town of the Vimni, Germania, s.

of Laciburgium. Near Schwerin. Alisum, a town of the Usipetes, Germania,

on the Rhine, below Asciburgium. Wesel. Alitrophagi, a people of Serica. Alium, a town of Acroria, Elis, N.w. of

Thraustus. Allan, a town of Mesopotamia, on the

Euphrates, bet. Basilia and Contra Bir-


Allarea, a town of Crete. Allarodii, Pontus, i. q. Chalybes. Allava fl. I. (Alba, Allaba), a r. of Sicily,

rising in Cratas m. and falling into Africum

pelagus E. of TlierniEe Selinuntioe. Callata

Belfota. II. a town of Sicily, on Allava fl.,

L., towards its mouth, 12 m. from Cena.

Ribera. Allavona (Allabonc), a town of the Iler-

getes, Tarraconensis, 1C m. x.w. from

Cassarea Augusta. Alagon.

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