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Alazoxius fl., I. a r. of Tarraconensis, i. q. Clodianus. II. of Albania, falling into Cy­rus fl. above Osica. Aloson; Alacks.

Alba, I. a town of the Oretani, Tarraconen­sis, N.n.e. of Laccuris. II. Augusta, i. q. Alba Helviorum. III. Docilia, of the Inganni, Liguria, bet. Vicus Virginis (13) and Ad Navalia (13), on the Via Aurelia. Albizzola. IV. Fucentia, of the Marsi, Sabinium, near the N.w. extremity of Fu-censis lac., bet. Carseoli (24) and Marru-bium (13), on Via Valeria. A colonia 304 B.C. Its citadel was used by the Roman senate as a state prison. 1 m. from Alba. V. Helviorum (Alba Au­gusta), capital of the Helvii, in Narbonen-sis, near the Rhone, N. of Senomagus. Apt; Apt. VI. Julia, a later name of Apulum, Dacia, from the Gyula family. VII. Longa, of the Latini, Latium, 20 m. 8.E. from Rome, on Albanus m., over­looking the E. shore of Albanus lac. A Siculian town, successively occupied by Aborigines and Pelasgi. Destroyed by Tullus Hostilius. Traditionally founded by Ascanius, and named from the white sow of jEneas. Palazzolo. VIII. Pompeia,

- of the Statielli, Liguria, on Tanarus fl., bet. Pollentia (35) and Hasta (1«). A municip., named after Sextus Pompeius. The birth-place of Pertinax. Alba.

Albacus m., a m. of Caria.

Axbana, capital of Albania Asiat., on the Caspian, N. of Albanus fl. Darubandi.

Albani, I. a people of Illyria, bet. the Par-theni and the Penestse, N.w. of Lychnitis palus. II. a, tribe of Massagetae, occupy­ing Albania Asiatics.

Albania, I. a country of Asia, bounded N. by Sarmatia Asiatica, at Csesius fl., s. by Armenia Major, at Cyrus fl., w. by Iberia and Armenia Maj., E. by the Caspian. Daghistan and Lazestan. II. a town of Adiabene, Assyria, E. of Hatra. Halvan.

Albania portae (py'se), defiles in Caucasus m., leading from Iberia into the maritime portion of Albania, s.w. of Albana. Pass ofDerbend.

Albanopolis, capital of the Albani, in Illy­ria. Croia.

Albanum, a town of Latium, on the w. shore of Albanus lacus, N. of Aricia. Al-bano.

Albanus, I. a r. of Albania, falling into the Caspian N. of Cyrus fl. Bill/ana. II. a lake of Latium, at Alba Longa, occupying the crater of an extinct volcano. Its waters, which threatened to submerge the adjacent country, were partially carried off by an artificial canal, a mile and a half long,

cut through the solid rock, still extant at Castel Gandolfi. L. d'Albano. III. (Al-bius), a ridge of m. intersecting Illyria, from Alpe! Carnicse to Scordus m. IV. a m. of Latium, overlooking Alba Longa. Sacred to Jupiter Latialis. Here were celebrated the Feriae Latinse, and the tri­umphs of many of the Roman generals. Monte Cavo.

Albiana, a town at the s. extremity of Cor­sica, below Palla.

Albianum, a town of the Genauni, Rheetia, near (Enus fl., 38 m. E. from Veldidena. Seebauen.

Albiga. (Albix), a town of the Ruteni, Aquitania L, on Tarnis fl., w.s.w. of Con-datomagus. Alby.

Albin, " high land," a name of Caledonia.

Albingaunium (Albium Ingaunum), ca­pital of the Ingauni. in Liguria, on the Via Aurelia, bet. Lollupice (8) and Lucus Bor-manni (15), on the Ligusticus sin. Al-benga.

Albinia (Almina) fl., a r. of Etruria, rising N. of Saturnia, and falling into Inferum mare s. of Telamon (4). Albegna.

Albixiana, a town of the Frisii, Germ., on the Rhine, bet. Lugdunum (10 E.) and Trajectum. Alphen.

Albixtemelium (Albium Intemelium), ca­pital of the Intemeli, in Liguria, near the mouth of Rutuba fl., on the Via Aurelia, bet. Costa Balenae (16) and Lumo (6). Vintimille.

Albioxci (Albici), postea Reii, I. a people of Narbonensis II., contiguous to the Me-mini, in the mountains N.e. of Massilia. II. their earlier capital. Albiosc.

Albion ins., Britannia, I. an isl. of the Atlantic, bet. Gallia and Hibernia. Peopled by various immigrations from the con­tinent. Great Britain. II. Inferior, a division of Albion, comprehending Maxima Caesariensis and Valentia. III. Superior, a division of Albion, comprehending Bri­tannia I., Flavia Caesariensis, and Britan­nia II. IV. Ulterior (Albion Borealis, Albion Barbara), a division of Albion, com­prehending the countries of the Pictones, or Vecturiones, Caledonii, Attacottae, and Horestae.

Albis fl. (Elfa), a r. of Germania Magna, rising in Asciburgius m., near Strevinta, and falling into Germanicus oc. N. of Visurgis fl. Kibe.

Albocenses, a people of Dacia, on the Danube, bet. Tibiscus fl. and the Sal-denses.

Albona, a town of Liburnia, on Flanaticus sin., N.w. bet. Flanona and Nesactium.

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