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saddle :" traditionally founded by the hero Alabandus ; noted for its dark marble, and named, as the term imports, from some great " horse-victory." The seat of a Conventus Jurid. Arabi-hissar. Alauastron (Alabastropolis), a town of Heptanomis, N.e. of CynopoUs. Noted for its alabaster works.

Alabastrus fl., a r. of jEolis Asiat., rising in Ida m. and falling into Adramyttenus sin.

Alabastkites m. (Alabast.rinus), a ridge of Arabici m., S.e. of Alabastropolis, named from its alabaster quarries. Gebil el Kalil.

Alabds fl. (Alabon), a r. of Sicily, falling into Siculum mare at Megara, bet. Xypho-nia and Thapsus. Canlaro.

Al.-e, a town of Cilicia Campestris, w. of Pyramus fl.

Al.kxcs fl., i. q. Alaunus.

Al.esa (Halesa), a maritime town of Sicily, x. bet. Calacta and Cephaloedium. Built by Arconides, of Herbita, 40H B.c. Near it was a fountain that seemed to dance at the sound of a flute.

Al.esus fl. (Halesus), a r. of Sicily, falling into Tyrrhenum mare at Alaesa. Pit-tineo.

Aj.agma, a town of Osrhoene, on Bellas fl., bet. Comisimbela and Ichnse.

Aiagoxia, a town of Messenia, 4 m. N.e. from Gerenia.

Alaljcu ins. (Aliseu), islands of the Adu-litse, in the Red Sea, off Adulis. (Panis, Macaria.)

Ai.alcomex.e (Alcomense), I. a town of As-teris ins., or, according to Plutarch, of Ithaca ins. Named after Alalcomenes, foster-father of Minerva. II. of Bceotia, on the s.w. bank of Copais lac., w. of Haliartus, 4 m. from Ocalca. Sacred to Minerva, hence surnamed Alalcomeueis. Near Sulinari.

Alalcomexia fons, a fountain of Arcadia, x. of Mantina.

Alalia, i. q. Corsica, the Phoenician name of Aleria.

Alalis, a town of Palmyrene, on the Eu­phrates, s.w. of Sura. Elamora.

Alamata, a town of Palmyrene, on the Euphrates, bet. Zenobia and Thapsacus.

Alambateron (Alambatis) prom., a pr. of Gedrosia, bet. Casia pr. and Daranabilla, at the E. extremity of Paragon sin.

Alamoxs (Alabon, Alapuniis), a town of the Caturiges, Narbonensis II., on Druentia fl., R., between Vapincum (17) and Segus-tero (1C). M'jncstier (V Allamont.

Alamus, I. a town of Albania As., x.w. of Albana. II. Babylonia, i. q. Olabus.

Alaxder fl., a r. of Phrygia Magna, rising near Bendos, and falling into Sangariua fl. N.e. of Dorylaeum. Al Haur.

Alani (Alauni), I. a people of Albania As., S.e. of Legae. II. mons, a m. of Scythia extra Imaum, N.

Ai.anorsi, a people of Scythia i. Imaum, towards the Alani.

Alanton, a town of the Varduli, Tarraco-nensis, 9 m. s.w. of Pompelo.

Alapta, a town of Chalcidice, Macedonia, near Stagira.

Alapuntis. Vide Alamons.

Alaba fl., a r. of Germania Mag., rising in Melibocus m., and falling into Visurgis fl. below Tuliphurdum.

Alarnassus. Vide Abassus.

Alasi, a town of the Garamantes, Africa.

Alata, I. a town of the Labeate, Illyria, on Barbana fl., x. of Birziminum. II. of the Laeceni, Arabia, w. of Itamus port.

[alata castra (Castrum Puellarum) a for­tress of the Damnii, 2 m. from Lindum. Edinburgh.']

Alaterva, a town of the Damnii, on Bodo-tria sstuar., 5 m. w. of Lindum. Cra-mond.

Alatis, a town of Palmyrene, on the Eu­phrates, bet. Sura and Attis.

Alatriom, a town of the Hernici, Latium, E. of Ferentinum, on the borders of Sabi-nium. A municip. and colonia. Alatri.

AtAUNA, I. a town of the Damnii, Brit., at Seven murus, bet. Coria and Lindum. II. of the Osismii, Lugdunensis II., N.E. of Coriallum (14). Alleawne, near Va-logne. III. of the Unelli, Lugdunensis III., N.e. of Crociaconum.

Alauni, a tribe of Boii, Noricum, bet. Stiria fl. and CEnus fl., s. of the Levaces.

Alauxium, a town of the Salyes, Narbo-nensis II., bet. Segustero (24) and Apia, Julia. Passage of the Lauzon at Mont Laurs.

Alauxus fl. I. a r. of Britain, falling into the German Ocean N. of Vedra fl., the N. limit of Valentia and Maxima Csesari-ensis. Aln. II. of the Regni, falling into the sea w. of Vectis ins. III. of the Durotriges, Britannia, falh'ng into the sea w. of the preceding. Brit. IV. m., m. of Sarmatia, E., towards Tanais fl., N.n.w. of Maeotis palus.

Ai.azia, capital of the Alazones, Bithynia, near the juncdon of the Macestus and Rhyndacus.

Alazones, I. a town of Sarmatia Eu-ropaea, on both sides of Hypanis fl., to­wards its mouth. II. of Bithynia, on Rhyndacus fl.

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