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Agorra, Susiana, i. q. Aginis.

Agradatas fl., Persia, i. q. Cyrus.

Agr.-e, a Tillage of Attica, on the Ilissus fi., near Athens.

Agr.ei (Agrinse), I. a people of Acarnania, an JJtolian tribe, originally independent, occupying both sides of Achelous fl., s. of Amphilochia. II. of Arabia Deserta, i. q. Hagareni.

Agrais, capital of the Agraei, Acarnania, E. of Argos Amphilochus. Agriada.

Agraxum, a town of Babylonia, on one of the canals of the Euphrates; it was destroyed by the Persians or Parthians.

Agraule (Agrule), I. Inferior, a demus of Attica, of the tribe Erectheis, near Athens, S.e., where the court called Ardettus was held. II. Superior, a demus of Attica, of the tribe Erectheis, S.e. of Agraule Infe­rior, under Hymettus m.

Agravonitje, a people of Illyria.

Agrediccm, a town of the Senones, Lugdu-nensis IV., S.e. of Melodunum.

Agremones, a town of jEtolia.

Agri, a people of Sarmatia As., E. of the Zichi. Decumates, a district of Ger-mania Magna, the original seat of the Mar-comanni, extending into Vindelicia, granted on the tenure of paying a tithe of the pro­duce to the Gauls who attended in the Roman train after the expulsion of the Marcomanni.

Agriane, a town of Pontus, bet. Simos and Ibora.

Agrianes, I. fl., postea Ergina, a r. of Thrace, rising in Hffimus m. and falling into Hebrus fl., below the mouth of Ar-tiscus fl. Ergene. II. a people of Pueonia, Macedonia, under Scordus m.

Agriasp^£, vide Ariaspse.

Agr!gen-tum (Acragas), a city of Sicily, on Acragas fl., near its confluence with Hypsa fl., 3 m. from the sea. Built by the Ge-lenses, B.c. 581. The capital of Phalaris. The birth-place of Empedocles. Girgenti.

Agrilium, a town of Bithynia, on Sangarius fl., bet. Nicsea (24) and Dorilffium (35). Vizirkhan.

Agrinium, a town of the Agrsei, JEtolia Epictetus, N.w. of Thermon. Vrachori.

Agriomelus fl., i. q. Sperchius.

Agriophagi, I. a people of Ethiopia. II. of India e. Gangem.

Agriopium, a place on Moloeis fl., inBceotia, towards Plataeae.

Agrippensis, a town of Bithynia.

Aorifpinensis colonia (Civitas Agrippi-nensium), a city of the Ubii, in Germania II., on the Rhine, L., bet. NoTesium (24) and Bonna (16). Cologne.

Agrippensis (Agrippias), the name given to

Anthedon, Jud., when rebuilt by Herod. Agritium, a town of Bithynia, s.w. of Tot-

taium. Belidjtk. Agrium, a town on the N. coast of Crete,

4 m, E. of Rithymna. Ario. Agrizala, a town of the Tectosages, in


Agrospi, a town of Ethiopia, on the Nile. Agroira (Alloira), a name of Attalia, in

Lydia. Agstanitis, a district of Sophene, Armen., on

Nymphius fl., bet. Tigranocerta and Amida.

Aghdsunikh. Agubeni, a people of Arabia Deserta, w. of

the Roabeni. Agdntum (Aguntus), a town of the Ambi-

dravi, in Rhaetia, near the source of Dravus

fl., bet. Littanum (23) and Loncium (18).

Innichen. Agyll^e, Etruria, the ancient name of

Ccere. Agyrium, a town of Sicily, bet. Centuripse

and Assorus; the birth-place of Diodorus

Sictdus. Near San Filippo d'Agiro. Ahava fl., a r. of Assyria, of uncertain

position, on which Ezra assembled the

returning Jews. Ai (Aiath, Aija), a town of Ephraim, 5 m. E.

of Bethel, the scene of Joshua's defeat and

subsequent victory. Deir Diwan. Aias m. (^Eas), a prom, of Thebais, on the

Red Sea, s. of Philotera. An, a maritime port of India i. Gangem,

about Coltiara.

Aila (Ailath), Arabia, i. q. jElana. Ain, a town of Judaea, and afterwards of

Simeon, N.n.w. of Arad. Aiopolis, Babylon, i. q. Is. Aisacus fl. (Atagis), a r. of Rhaetia, which,

after its junction with the Byrrhus, falls

into the Athesis. Aisumai m., m. of Asia, a ridge of Masius

m., w. of Izala m. Ajalon, I. a valley of Dan, bet. Jerusalem

and Ekron, the scene of Joshua's miracle.

Merj ibn Omeir. II. a town in the

cognominal valley, 2 m. N.e. from Nico-

pohs. Yalo. III. a town of Zebulun, the

burial-place of Elon. IV. a town of Juda. Akrabbi, a town of Samaria, S.e. of Si-

chem. Akrabbim (Maaleh Akrabbim), a pass in the

mountains of Akrabattene, Judaea. Ala I. (Halah), Mesopotamia, i. q. Aluana.

II. Flaviana, i. q. Vindobona. III.

Nova, a town of the Boii, Pannon., bet.

jEquinoctium and Carnuntum. Alabanda, a city of Caria, N. of Stratonicea,

bet two hills, " like an ass with a pack-

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