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Agatha, I. a town of the Volcse Arecomicce in Narbonensis I., at the mouth of the Arauris fl. Founded by the Phocseans circa 630 B.c. Agde. II. ins., an isl. o: Narbonensis I., off Agatha. III. ofLycia Agathartus prom., the N.w. prom, o:

Sicily, at Cetaria. Agathoclis I. ins., two isl. in Indicus oceanus, s. of the Red Sea. II. turns, a fortress of Zeugitana, 30 m. s.w. of Utioa.

Agathopolis, i. q. Araura. Agathonis ins., an isl. of Dodecaschcenus,

in the Red Sea, S.e. of Berenice. Agathos daemon, I. the w. branch of the Nile, from above Letopolis, to the point where it divides into the Canopic and Bol-bitic branches, below Naucratis. II. an isl. of India e. Gangem, N.w. of Sindae ins. Nicobar ? Agathyrna (Agathyrsa, Agathyrsum), a maritime town of Sicily, N. bet. Tyndaris and Aluntium. Built circa 1100 B.c. by Agathyrnus, son of jEolus. Near Sant' Agata.

Agath yrsi, apeoplefrom Sarmatia Europ&ea, N.w. of the Neuri, who migrated to Cen­tral Dacia, in Carpathus m., towards the source of Mariscus fl.

Agau (Agava), a town of ^Ethiopia, towards the source of Astaboras fl. Noted for its great fairs. Agavi, a people of Scythia, of simple life,

subsisting chiefly on mares' milk. Agazaca, a town under Parapomisus m. Agazzari, a tribe of Venedi, Germania. The

same with the Chazarii. Agbatana, the more correct form of Ecba-

tana. Agbia, a town of Zeugitana, bet. Musti

and Tionica. Agdanitis, a maritime district of Carmania,

bet. Rudiane w., and Corius fl. E. Agdistis m. Galatiae, i. q. Dindymus. Agedi, a people of Sarmatia Asiatica, on

M&eotis palus.

Agelocum (Segelocum, Adelocum), a town of the Coritani, Brit., bet. Danum and Lindum (14). Near Littleborough. Agexdicum (Agedincum, Agedicum), postea Senones, capital of the Senones, Lugd. IV., on Icauna fl., bet. Condate (21) and Clanum (25). Sens. Acer camere, a district of Bruttium, on

Crathis fl., towards its mouth. Agesinates, I. a tribe of Pictones, in Aqui-tania II. Archdeaconry of Aisenai. II. their capital. Lusignan. Agdan, a town of Cyrenaica, bet. Marantliis and Ecbinos.

Aggar (Aggersel), I. a town of Byzacene, bet. Manange and Aquae Regite. II. of Geetulia, on Tritonis pal., w. of Puteus.

III. Nepte, of Libya Int., w. of Thusari.

IV. of Zeugitana, bet. Mediocera and Ulesippira.

Agidana ins. (Oaracta), an id. of Carmania,

in Persicus sinus, bet. Tarsias prom, and

Organa ins., opposite the mouth of Corius


Agimothra, a town of the Bari, Ind., oa

Serus fl., above Tomara. Agin-a, a town of Iberia, on Araxes fl., above


Aginis, a town of Snsiana Cissia, on Eulteus

fl. The Beth Zaperof Scripture. Ahwaz.

Aginnum, capital of the Nitiobriges, Aquita-

nia II., on Garumna fl., R., bet. Excisum

(20) and Lactora. Agen.

Agiria, a town of the Edetani, Tarraconen-

sis, S.s.e. of Bilbilis.

Agisymba, the name given by Ptolemy to the Terra Incognita of Africa, under the Equator. Agma, a town of the Bagi-Geetuli, Libya,

bet. Augemmi and Ausilindum. Agmanisphe, a port of the Homeritse, Arabia Felix, E. of Arabia? Fel. Emporium. Agna fl., a r. of Mauritania Tingit., falling

into the Atlantic s. of Ussadium prom. Agnavis, a town of the Potulatenses, 14 m.

S.e. from Tibiscus. Kertichina. Agni cornu prom., a pr. of Egypt, near

Bolbiticum Ostium. Agnion, a port of Crete, bet. Tretus prom.

(6j) andCisamus (11).

Agnotes, I. a maritime people of Aquitania

II., bet. the Pictones and the Santones.

District of Ack. II. their capital. Aber-


Agnus, a demus of Attica, of the tribe Aca-

mantis, near Pallene. Agoce, a town of ^Ethiopia. Agones, I. up. Ptolem., i. q. Euganes. II. a town of Galh'a Transpadana, towards Novaria. Agonale.

Agonida ins., an isl. of Bffitica w., one day's sail S.e. from the mouth of the Anas.

Agora, a town of Thracius Chersonesus, bet. Aphrodisias and Callipolis, on the Egnatia Via. Malagra.

Agoran-is fl., a r. of India i. Gang. rising near the Ganges, and joining that river 7 m. w. from Patna. Sagra; or, according to Mannert, Gowrah. Agoresus, a town of Caria; an Argive set­tlement.

Agoretj!, a port of Sarmatia As., on Var-danes fl.

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