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of the world. Nubia, Sennaar, and part of Abyssinia. II. Egypti, i. q. Dodeca-schoenus. III. a district of Lydia, on the Hyllus, whence Diana was entitled jEthio-pica.

jErniopici m., a range of hills w. of the Nile.

JExHiopicus sinus, the Erythraeum mare, on the coast of ^Ethiopia.

jETNA, I. a volcanic m. of Sicily, on the E. coast, bet. Tauromenium and Catana. Mongibello, Etna. II. prius Inessa, a town of Sicily, towards the base of JStna m., s. bet. Centuripse and Catana. Castro.

-SlTOLi, a people of Elis, who, under ^Etolus, son of Endymion, invaded Curetis and gave their name to it.

JEroLiA, I. prius Curetis, a country of Grsecia E., Peloponnesum, bounded N. by Epirus, s. by Corinthiacus sinus, w. by Epirus and Acamania, E. by Doris and Locris. It was divided into ^Etolia Antiqua, ex­tending along the coast from Achelous fl. to Calydon, and inland up to Stratus ; and vEtolia EpictStus (" acquired"), the inland portion from about Stratos, N., to the Locri Ozote, E. Made a province of Rome 146 B.c. Vlakia. II. a town of Laconia.

^torynchcs prom., a pr. of Bithynia, on Bosporus Thracius. Named from its re­semblance to an eagle's beak.

Jetuatii (jEtuates), a people of Maxima Sequanorum, on the Rhine.

.stulana, a district of Armenia Minor N.

.(Exus, I. an early name of the Nile. II. a r. of Scythia, which by its overflow destroyed the gardens of one Prometheus, whence the fable of his liver being con­sumed by an eagle.

J&x. (jEgos) prom., a pr. of jEolis Asiat., on the ^Egean, bet, Chios and Teuedos. Named, from its supposed resemblance to a goat.

^ExoxE, a demus of Attica, of the tribe Cecropis, on Saronicus sinus, opposite Hydrusa ins. Noted for mullets. The people were proverbial as slanderers. Axaona.

jEzANi (Azani), a city of Phrygia Epictetus, on Rhyndacus fl., near its source. Founded by JEzen, son of Tantalus. Tjaudere Hissar.

Afflianus m., a hill E. of the Tiber, whence the Aqua Claudia flowed.

Africa, I. Grtece Libya, one of the three great ancient paries of the world ; bounded N. by the Mediterranean, w. and s. by the Atlantic, E. by Indicus oceanus and Ery-thrseum mare. Named either from the Greek term indicating " without cold," or

from a Phoenician word implying fertility.

II. Propria (Vetus Carthaginiensis), a

maritime region of Africa, bet. Tusca fl.

and Syrtis Minor; afterwards a Roman

province, bet. Ampsagus fl. and Arse Phi-

Isenorum. It comprised Byzacena, Tin-

gitana, and Tripolitana. Tunis and parts

of Tripoli. Agalassa, a town of the Caspirae Ind., on

Acesines fl., L., above its junction with

Hydaspes fl. Agahngus fl., a r. of Sarmatia Europsea,

falling into Sagaris fl. above Istrianorum

portus. Agamanana, a town of Mesopotamia, on

the Euphrates, s. of Haditha. Kahem. Agamath^e, a people of Sarmatia Asiat., on

Mseotis palus. Agame, a district of Tenesis, ..Ethiopia,

s.w. of Adulis. Agamede, a town of Lesbos, near Pyrrha.

Extinct in Pliny's time. Agamia, a town of Troas, on a headland s.

of Sigseum. The scene of the rescue of

Hesione by Hercules. Agamzaga (Agamzua), a town of Media. Aganagara, I. a town of the Marundffi,

Ind., on the Ganges, bet. Orcophanta and

Talarga. II. of the Sindi, Ind., on Magnus

sinus N.w. Aganippe fons, a fountain of Boeotia, on

Helicon m. Sacred to the Muses. Agantei, a people of Sarmatia Asiat., on

the Tanais. Agara, I. a town of India i. Gangem,

on Agaricus sinus. II. of the Philite, in

India i. Gangem, on Jomanes fl. Agra.

III. of Susiana Cissia, on the Choaspes,

s.w. of Susa. IV. of Susiana Melitene,

on the Tigris, above Araca. Agari, a town of Byzacene, 1C m. from

Thapsus. Agariab.e, a town of Syrtica regio, bet.

Augarmi and Tamalleni turris, w. of

Zuclu's. Agaricus sinus, a bay of Ind. oceanus,

bet. India i. Gangem S.e., and Taprobane

N.w. Agarum prom., a pr. of Sarmatia E., on

Palus Maeotis, near the mouth of Agarus

ft., opposite Heraclea Taurica. Fetodowa. Agarus fl., a r. of Sarmatia E., falling into

Palus Maeotis near Agarum prom. Berda. Agass.e (^Egaea, Agessus), a town of Pieria,

Macedonia, bet. Berea and Bala. Near

Cojani. Agasus portus, a port of Daunia, Apulia,

under Garganus m., X.e. of Sipontum.

Perhaps the Apenestse of Ptolemy. Porto


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