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Plavis fl., L. bet. Altinum (12) and

Concordia (11), on Via jEmilia. Ad sava (Assafensis), a town of Mauritania

Csesar., on Sava (Audus) fl., 25 m. w.s.w.

from Sitifis. Ad savum, a town of Pannonia, on Savu3 fl.,

near Eraona. Ad scrofulas, a town of the Triballi,

Moesia, on the Danube, bet. Ad Novas and


Ad septem aras, a town of Lusitania. Ad sex insulas, a town of Mauritania

Ting., towards Rusadir. Ad sextum, I. a town of Etruria, bet.

Massa Veternensis and Sena Julia. Fi-

lotta. II. of Etruria, on Via Claudia, bet.

Rome (6) and Care (9). III. of the Tec-

tosages, Narbonensis I., bet. Augusta

Ausciorum (9) and Hungunuera (lOj).

Ollet or La Lique. Ad silanos, a town of the Carni, Venetia,

on Sontius fl., bet. Aquileia (35) and Tar-

visetum. Sella. Ad silanum, a town of the Gabali, Aquita-

nia I., on Divona fl., s. of Anderitura. Ad silarum, a village of Lucania, on

Silarus fl., bet. Ad Tanarum and Ad


Ad silma, a town of Numidia, on the fron­tiers of Zeugitana, bet. Armosela and

Bulla Regia. Ad solaria, I. a town of Etruria, bet.

Florentia (9) and Hellana (9). NearPoggio.

II. of the Ilercales, Liguria, bet. Ricina

(15) and Monilia (7), on the Via Aurelia.

Zara. Ad speluncas, a town of the Psylli, Africa

P., on Syrtis Maj., bet. Charax and (Es-

poris. Ad stabulum, a town of the Sardones,

Narbonensis I., s.w. of Illiberis. St.

Martin. Ad statuas, I. a town of the Amantini,

Pannon., on the Danube, bet. Chertobalus

and Bregetio. II. of the Contestani, Tarra-

cenensis, N.e. of Stetabis. III. of the

Latini, Latium, on Via Latina, bet. Quin-

tana (3) and Ad Pictas (7). Osteria San

Cesario. Ad stom a, a town of the Peucini, Moesia, at

the mouth of Pulchrum Ostium. Ad summum pyren.eum, I. a town of the

Indigetes, Tarraconensis, in the Pyrenees,

E., bet. Illiberis N. and Juncaria s.s.E.

II. of the Jaccetani, Tarraconensis, in the

Pyrenees w., bet. Forum Ligneum N. and

Jacca Ss.e. Ad tanarum, a maritime town of the Pi-

ccntini, onTanarus fl., near its mouth, bet.

Picentia and Ptestum.

Ad tarpm, a town of the Anamares, Gall. Cispad., on Tarus fl., bet. Fidentia (8) and Parma (7). Castel Guelfo.

Ad tadm, a town of the Iceni, Brit., on Taus fl., s. of Venta Icenorum. Tas-borougk.

Ad templum, a town of Gsetulia, bet. Putea and Laminie.

Ad tine ricina, a town of Sabinium, bet. Fanum Fugitivi and Tres Tabernoe, s. of Spoletium.

Ad titulos, a town of Histria, bet. Ad Malum (17) and Tarsaticum (17). Sta-rada.

Ad tricesimum, a town of the Carni, Ve­netia, on Turrus fl., R. bet. Julium Camicum (30) and Aquileia (30). Tri-gesimo.

Ad trop^a, a town of Bruttium, on Tyrr-henum mare, near Portus Herculis, named from the victory of Sextus Pom-peius.

Ad turrem, I. a town of the Salyes, Nar­bonensis II., bet. Matavonium (14) and Tegulata (16). Tourves. II. Sardinia, i. q. Turris Libyssonis.

Ad turres, I. a town of Bruttiura, on Via Aquilia, bet. Ad Sabbatum (18) and Angitula (13). Maida. II. of Byzacene, bet. Speculum and Capsa. III. of Libur-nia, bet. Tarsatica and Senia. IV. of Etruria, on Via Aurelia, bet. Lorium (10) and Pyrgi (12). V. of the Alanii, Illyria, bet Narona and Diluntum. VI. of the Oretani, Tarraconensis, on the Anas, above Ilucia. VII. of the Volsci, Latium, on Via Severiana, bet. Circeii (4) and Tar-racina (9). Torre Olevola. VIII. Albas, a port of the Volsci, Latium, bet. Astura, (9) and Circeii (9), on the Via Severiana. Mura di San Donate.

An Undecimum, I. a town of the Carni, Venetia, on Turrus fl., bet. Aquileia (11) and Ad Fornulos (12). Zillina. II. posted Furfane, of Apulia, on Via Egnatia, bet. Herdonia (15) and Canusium (H).

Ad (Templum) Veneris, a town of Calabria, on Via Egnatia, bet. Norva (iJ) and Egnatia (8). Monte San Pietro.

Ad vicesimum, I. a town of Armenia Minor, bet. Trapezuntium (20) and Zigana (3-). II. of Pannonia, i. q. Alicanum. III. of the Demetse, Britannia, w. of Mari-dunum. Castle Flemish. IV. of Etruria, bet. Ad Rubras (11) and Aqua Viva (7), on Via Flaminia, N.e. of Veii. Castel jVo»o. V. of Lucania, bet. Cylistarnus and Thurii (20). VI. of the Tectosages, Narbonensis I., bet. Salsulse and Narbo. VII. of the Tectosages, Xarbonensis L,

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