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some distance under ground, falling into the Adriatic at Glykys portus. There was an oracle on its banks, where the dead were evoked. The extreme gloom of its scenery suggested it to Homer as one of the rivers of Erebus. Souli. IV. of Tri-phylia, falling into Alpheus fl. near Typana; Pluto, Proserpine, and Ceres were pecu­liarly venerated on its banks. V. lacus (Acheruns), a sulphureous lake of Baise, Campania, so hemmed in by hills that only the sun at noonday penetrated thither. Reputed a resort of witches.

Acherontia (Acherontum), a town of the Peuceti, Lucania, " nestling" on a Bill S.e. of Ferentum. Acerenza.

Acherusia palus, I. a lake of Campania, bet. Misenum and Cumge. LaffO di Fu-saro. II. of Thesprotia, Epirus, formed by Acheron fl. towards its source.

Acherusia specus, a cavern on the coast of Bithynia, E. of Heraclea; reputed the entrance to Orcus, by which Hercules descended in search of Cerberus.

Achibi, a people of Sarmatia, contiguous to the Savari.

Achillea ins., i. q. Achillis.

AcHiLLEicursus, penins. (AchilleosDromos), a long narrow peninsula of Sarmatia E., bet. Sagaricus sin. and Carcinites sin. Named from the races and other games established there by Achilles.

Achilleicm, I. a town of Dandarica, Sarmat. As., on Mffiotis palus, at the entrance of Cimmerius Bosporus. Near Buichuk. II. of Lydia, near ^Enea. III. on Sigseum prom., built around the tomb of Achilles.

Achilleius portus, a port of Laconia, on Laconicus sin., w.N. of Psamothus. Porto-Kallio.

Acbillis ins., I. Leuce, an isl. of Dacia, off Pselon Ost. II. i. q. Achillei cursus. III. of Samos, towards Ampelus prom.

Achindana fl., a r. of Carmania, falling into Persicus sinus E. of Corius fl.

Acrisarmi, a people of Africa.

Achmetha, Heb. " treasure-fortress," i. q. Ecbatana.

Achx-e, the early name of Casus ins.

Acholai, a town of Arabia Felix.

Acholla (Acolitanum oppidum, Acilla), a maritime town of Byzacena, bet. Sullectis and Brachodes prom. A Mitylenean settle­ment. Near Elalia.

Achor, " distress," a valley of Benjamin, along the Jordan, near Jericho; the scene of Achan's punishment.

Achradus, a demus of Attica.

Achriane, a town on the Caspian.

Achrpa, a town of Arabia Felix.

Ach/id (Achsaph, Ecdippa), I. a town of

Asher, on the Mediterranean, 10 m. N. of

Acco. Zib. II. a town of Judali. Aciacum, a town of the Morini, in Terva-

nensis pagus. Auchy. AclBi, a town of Sarmatia Europ., N.e. of

Riph&ei m. AcToALUS fons, I. a fountain of Campania,

the water of which was good for sore eyes;

II. of Boeotia, near Orchomenus, sacred to

the Graces. Acidas (Acidon, Jardanus) fl., a r. of Try-

phylia, Elis, falling into Anigrus fl.

towards the sea. Near it was the tomb of

Jardanus. Acidava, I. a town of the Burideenses,

Dac., bet. Cedonia (24) and Apulum (14);

II. of the Potulatenses, Dac., on Aluta fl.,

L. bet. Romula (13) and Rusidava (24).

Lucavez. Acidii, a village of Lucania, N. of Gru-

mentum. Acienses, a people of Latium, above Al-

banus m.

Acila, Arabia, i. q. Ocelis. Acilisene, a district of Sophene, Arm., E. of

Chorzene. Ekflis. Acilla. Vide Acholla. Acimbro, i. q. Acinippo. Acimi.ncum, a town of Pannonia, on the

Danube, above its confluence with the

Tibiscus, bet. Bononia and Cusum. Alt-


Acina, a town of Arabia. Acinai, a people of Bactriana, bet. the

Chomi and the Tambyzi. Acinacis fl., a r. of Colchis, falling into

the Euxine, bet. Phasis fl. and Acampsis

fl. Acincum (Aquincum), a town of Valeria,

Pannon., on the Danube, bet. Crumerum

and Campona. The station of the Legio II.

adjutrix. Alt Buda, near Buda. Acinippo (Acimbro), a town of the Turdctani,

in Bgetica, w. of Arunda. Acintani, a people of Spain, worshippers of

Neco, a form of Mars. AclRis fl., a r. of Lucania, rising of

Abellinum Marsicum, and falling into Ta-

rentinus sin. at Heraclea. Agri. Acis fl., I. a r. of Sicily, quasi "swift as

an arrow (Acinius)," rising in ^tna m.,

and, after a course of about a mile, falling

into Siculum mare at Acis, bet. Acesines

fl. and Adrix, N. of Catana. Named from

the loves of Galatea. lad. II. a town

of Sicily, E. at the mouth of Acis fl.

Caste! d' lad. III. ins., one of the Cy-

clades ins., towards Crete.

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