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Transpaclana, on the Addua, bet. Cremona (13) and Laus Pompeia (22) on Via Pos-thumia. Gherra. II. of Campania, on Clanius fl., near its source, N.w. of Nola, dest. by Hannibal, col. by Augustus. Acerra.

Acervetis, i. q. Calatis, Thracise.

Acervo, a town of the Latovici, Pannonia Sup., 1ft m. from ^Emona. Seussenburg.

AcEs fl. Ind. i. q. Acesines.

Acesia, a village of Lemnos, so named from Philoctetes having been cured there.

AcEsiNES fl. (Aces), I. a r. of India e. Gangem, rising in Imaus m. and falling into the Indus. CAunali, Jenaub. II. i. q. Tanais. III. of Sicily, falling into Siculum mare under jEtua m. N. of Ada fl. Can-tar o.

Acesta, i. q. ^Egesta.

Achabytus m., a m. of Rhodes, on which stood a temple of Jupiter.

Ach.ei, I. a name generally of the Greeks; II. a tribe of Pelasgi, originally from Achaia, Thessaly, who, driven from their settlements in Laconia by the Heraclidte, seized upon Ionia in Peloponnesus, and gave it their name. III. Orchomenian settlers in Sarmatia Asiat., on the Euxine, S.e. of the Toreatie, afterwards named Zichi, Ziketi. IV. -scopuli, rocks of Tri-phylia, near Samos.

Ach.eium, a town of Troas, on the coast, opposite Tenedos ins.

Achjem^enia, a name of Persia, from the Achremsenidse.

AcH/EUS fl. (Burcas), a r. of the Achffii Sarmat., falling into the Euxine 15 m. s. from Hercules prom.

Achaia, I. a district of Phthiotis, Thessaly N.w., the early seat of the Acheei. II. a country of Peloponnesus, bounded, in­cluding Sicyonia, >'. by Corinthiacus sinus, s. by Arcadia and Elis, E. by Corinthia, w. by Ionium mare. First named ^Egialus, "shore," and peopled by Pelasgi; then Ionia, when the population was enlarged by an immigration of lonians; and next Achaia, when occupied by Achsei from Laconia. Livadia. III. a Roman pro­vince, comprehending Peloponnesus and Grsecia extra Peloponnesum, s. of Thes­saly. IV. a town of Crete. V. capital of the Achsei, Sarmat., on Cerceticus sinus. VI. surnamed Vetus, the earlier settle­ment of the same people, 15m. N.w. from the preceding; VII. the early name of Jalysus, in Rhodes.

Achaiacala, a town of Auranitis, Baby­lonia, on an isl. of the Euphrates, s. of Olabus.

Achaiorum littus, I. the coast of Cyprus N., bet. Aphrodisia and Carpasia. Named from the Greeks, who landed here under Teucer. Near Jalousa. II. portus, a port of the CallipediE, Sarmatia, w. of Olbia. Porto Buono. III. of Troas, 2£ m. s. from the mouth of the Scamander, the assem­bling-place of the Greek fleet. IV. static, the tomb of Hecuba, in Thracius Cher-sonesus, over against Sigteum.

Achais, I. a town of Aria. II. of Hyrcania, built by Antiochus in honour of his bro­ther.

Achana fl., a r. of Arabia, towards the Euphrates.

Achani (Acharni), a p. of Scytbia.

Achar, i. q. Nizibis.

Achabaca, I. a town of Lydia, bet. Trallea and Nysa, where was the cave Charonium, in which sick persons were directed to their cure in a dream. II. of Lycaonia, w. of Iconium.

Achardeus fl., a r. of Sarmatia Asiat., rising in Caucasus m., and falling into the Tanais towards its mouth. Manitsch, Egorlik.

Acharitanum, a town of Africa, towards Cyrenaica.

Acharn.s, a demus of Attica, s.w. of Hy-mettus, the population of which, chiefly charcoal-burners, were proverbial for their uncouth manners. Near Menidi,

Acharr^e (Acharne), a town of Dolopia, Thessaly, on Vanusus fl., below Theuma. Achari,

Achasa, a district of Scythia extra Imaum, bet. the Chattise and the Chamansei.

Achates fl., a r. of Sicily, falling into the Mediterranean S.e. of Gela. In it agates, thence named, were first found. Drillo.

Achelous fl., I. a r. (jirius Thoas, "swift," Thestius,^;0stea Pachilola) of Grsecia extra Peloponnesum, rising in Pindus m. N. of Dolopia, and, after separating Acarnania from Aperantia and ^fetolia, falling into Ionium mare by two mouths at CEniadse and Nasus. Aspro-potamo. II. of tho Malienses, Thessaly, falling into Maliacus sinus at Phalara. III. of Thesoa, Arcadia, falling into Alpheus fl.

Acherdus, a demus of Attica, of the tribe Hippothoontis.

Acheron fl., "joyless," I. a r. 1. postea Zoonautes, of Bithynia, falling into the Euxine near Hcraclea. II. of Bruttium, falling into Crathis fl., near Consentia, the death-place of Alexander, king of the Molossi. Maresanto. Ill, of E^pmis. rising N.w. of Passaron, and, after running for

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