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Abzo-*, a town of Scythia, on Borealis oceanus.

Acabe m., a pr. of Thebais, on the Red Sea, above Nichesia.

Acabexe, a district of Mygdonia, Mesopo­tamia, on the Tigris, N. of Cffine.

Acabis, baths of Cyrenaica.

Acabiconteichos, a town of Mauritania, under Atlas m.

Acacesium, a town of Arcadia, on Acacesius m., founded by Acacus, s. of Lycaon.

Acacesius m., a m. of Arcadia; 1 m. from Prases, whence Mercury derived the ap­pellation Acacesius.

Acadaha, a town of Syria, on the Eu­phrates.

Acadara, I. a town of India e. Gangem, N.e. of Agimothra. II. of Arabia Felix.

Acadinus fons, a fountain of Sicily, near Palica, endued with the quality of tasting oaths, those written falsely sinking at once to the bottom.

Acalandra, a town of Lucania, on the Acalandrus. Salandra.

Acalandrus fl., a r. of Lucania, falling into Tarentinus sinus, E. of Thurii. Salan. drella.

Ac Ale, a town of Arabia Felix.

Acaussus (Acalia, Ascandalis), a town of Lycia.

Acamantis, a name, I. of Cyprus, from Acamas prom.; II. of Teos.

Acamantis m., a m. of Cyprus w.

Acamantium, a town of Phrygia Magna, built by Acamas, son of Theseus.

Acamas, I. the N.w. extremity of Cyprus, rising in two semi-globular summits. Cape Amant; Salizcmo. II. a town of Cyprus, at Acamas prom. Grusocco.

Acampsis fl., i. q. Apsarus.

Acann^e (Psygmi portus), a port of .lEthio-pia, at Elephas prom.

Acanthonitis, a district of Carrnariia, on the confines of Gedrosia.

Acanthus, I. an isl. of Mysia, in the Pro-pontis, near Ophiusa; II. m. of Athama-nia, bet. the Arachthus and the Inachus. Tzumerka. III. a town (Doulonpolis) of Cnidus penins., Caria, near Bubassus; IV. of Acte penins., Macedonia, on Strymo-nicus sinus, at the E. extremity of Xerxes' ditch—an Andrian settlement, noted for its wines. V. of jEgypt, on the Nile R., bet. Aphroditopolis and Scena;-Mandrte. Dashur. VI. of Athamania, under Acanthus m., s.w. of Tetraphylia.

Acapeat-e, a people of Sarmatia Europ., on Mseotis palus.

Acara, I. a town of Pannonia. II. of Gallia Cispadana. near Rhegium Lepidum.

Acarea fons, a fountain of Corinth, where lolas cut off the head of Eurystheus.

Acarman, a town of Arabia Felix.

Acarnanes, " unshorn," a tribe of Leleges, Acarnania; so named to distinguish them from the Curetes, or, traditionally, from Acarnan, s. of Alcmteon.

Acarnania, a division of Epirus, bounded w. and s. by Ionium mare, E. by Achelous fl., N. by Ambracius sin. Noted for its horses. Carnia, Carlelia.

Acarne. Vide Acharrae.

Acathautus sinus, a bay of Arabicus sinus, s.

Acathra ins., I. an isl. of the Sinse. II. of Arabia Felix.

Acavatha, a town of Palmyrcne, bet. Mat-thana and Cholle, s.s.E. of Thapsacus.

Accad, a town of Sittacene, 9 m. s.w. from Ctesiphon. Built by Nimrod. Akker-Jcoof.

Accahon, prias Ekron, a city of Juda;a, bet. Jamnia and Azotus. The metro­polis of the Philistaji. Alter.

Acchit*, a people of Arabia Felix, on the Red Sea.

Acci, a town of the Bastitani, Beetica, on the Bsetis, E.n.e. of Ilh'beris. A colonia (Julia Gemella Accitana); the station of the 3rd and Gth legions. Guadix el Viejo.

Accio.v lacus, i. q. Lemauus lacus.

Accipitrum ins. (Hieracum), an isl., I. of Arabia Felix, in the Red Sea, N.w. of Mamala; II. of Sardinia, w. above Plum-bia ins. San Pietro.

Acclsi, a people of Sarmatia As., on Masotis palus.

Acco (Ako), a city of Asher, on the Medi­terranean, at the mouth of Belus fl., 30 m. s. from Tyrus. A colonia (C. Claudii Ctesaris) ; called also, circa 100 B.c., Pto-lemais, in honour of Ptolemy. Acca; Acre.

Accusiorum colonia, i. q. Gratianopolis.

Acdei, a people of Sarmatia Asiatica, on Mseotis palus.

Acedici, a people of Latium, subject to the >Equi.

Acela, I. a town of Lycia, named from Acelus, s. of Hercules. II. of the Regni, Brit., bet. Vindomis and Vagniaca.

Acelum, a town of the Veneti, Venctia, N.w. of Tarvisium. Asolo.

Acema m., i. q. Cema.

Acer fl., a river of Lucania, falling into the Sora at Grumentum.

Acernum, a town of Picenum, 15 m. E. from Salernum. Acerno.

Aceronia, a town of Lucania, bet. Forum Popilii (9) and Marcelliana (!)). Brienza. , a town, I. of the lusubres, Gallia

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