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Abliaxa, a town of Albania, on the Cas­pian, bet. Albianus fl. and Cyrus fl.

Abliti, a people of Mysia, near Pergamus.

Abnicii, a maritime people of Syrtica Regio, w. of Sabrata.

Abxicum, a town of Armenia. Ani. Anisi.

Abxoba (Arnoba, Arnova), m. of Germania Mag., running N.w.— s.E. bet. the Rhine, about Aliso, and the Danube, towards its source. Stack Forest; Soar, Abenow,


Abobrica, a tnarit. town of the Grovii, Tar-raconensis, bet. Spacorum vicus and Minius. Betanzos.

Aboccis (Abuncis), a town of the Nubffi, on the Nile, bet. Premuthis and Cambysis -/Erarium. Here was a celebrated temple of Athor (Venus). Aboo-Simbel.

Abodjacum (Abuzacum), a town of the Licates, Vindelicia, on Licus fl., bet. Au­gusta Vindelicorum (31) and Parthanum (30). Peisenberg.

Abolani, a people of Latium, towards Alba.

Abolla, a town of Sicily, at the mouth of Erineus fl.

Abona sestuar., an eestuary of the Cor-navii, Britannia, E. of Vervedrum prom. Dornoch Frith.

Aboxe, a town of the Belgffi, 9 m. N.w. of Aquse Solis. Compton Grcenfield.

Aboxoteichos (Aboni-Moenia), prius Co-lussa, posted lonopolis, a port of the Heneti, Paphlagonia, 20 m. s.w. from ^ginetes. The birth-place of Alexander, the pseudo-jEsculapius. Ineboli.

Aboraca, a town of Sarmatia Europsea, to­wards Mseotis palus.

Aborjense, a town of Africa Propria.

Aborigines, " from the beginning;" gene­rally nations whose origin cannot be traced; specially the primitive population of Italy, the Umbri, Opici, and JEnotri ; and, more peculiarly, the people about Reate, called also Casci, Prisci, Sacrani.

Aboron, a town of Ancobaritis, Mesopota­mia, on the Euphrates, bet. Tbilutha and Olabus.

Abotis, a town of Thehais, on the Nile L., bet. Hypsele and Aphroditopolis, opposite Antasopolis.

Abragaxa, a town of Serica, on Bautisus fl.

Abr.wanxus sestuarium, a bay of the No-vantae, Britannia, E. of Novantorum prom. Glenluce Bay.

Abreta, an early name of Mysia, from the nymph Brettia.

Abrettene, a district of Mysia, bet. Ma-cistus fl., towards its source and Rhynda-cus fl.

Abkinat<£, a people of Pontus.

Abrinca, i. q. Obringa. Abrincatui, I. a maritime people of Lugdu-nensis II., bounded N. by the Bajocasses and Unelli, s. by the Redones and Aulerci-Diablintes, E. by the Viducasses. Dio­cese of Avranches. II. prius Ingena, their cap., E. of Aletum. Avranches. Abrostola, a town of the Tolistoboii, Galatia, bet. Pessinus (24) and Amo-rium.

Abrotonum, a town of Syrtica Regio, of uncertain position. Identified by Man-nert with Sabrata. Absidri, a tribe of Carduchi, Assyria, N. of

Calachene. Abuc«i, a people of Arabia Felix, on Per-

sicus sinus, about Coromanus. Abucini portus, a town of the Sequani, Maxima Sequanorum, on the Arar, s.w. of Luxovium. Port sur Saone. Abunis, a town of the Agoritse, Sarmatia,

S.e. of Suruba. Abur, a town of the Saringje, India, N.w.

of Orthura. Aburatha, a port of Taprobane, N. bet.

Mordula and Boeana. Abus sestuarium, an sestuary of Britain,

E. at Ocellum prom. Huml/er. Abus fl., a r. of the Coritani, Brit., falling

into Abjis Eestuar. Ouse. Abus m. (Aba), a ridge of Anti-Taurus, in Armenia Maj., bet. Arsissa palus and Lychnitis palus. Agri-dagh, Koh-i-nuh (" mountain of Noah"). Abusina, a town of the Runicates, Vinde­licia, on Abens fl. near its confluence with the Danube, 12 m. s.w. of Regina. Abensbery.

Abuzacum, i. q. Abodiacum. Abuzatha, a town of Adiabene, on the

Tigris, N. of Ctesiphon. Abvdos, I. a town of Byzacene, bet. Mazara and Byzacium ; II. a town of Mysia, on the Hellespont, 3| m. s.w. from Sestos ; a Thraciau settlement, enlarged by Mile­sians. Noted for its horses, for Xerxes' bridge, for the loves of Hero and Leander, and for its resistance to Philip. On Cape Nagara. III. a town of Pseonia, on the Axius; IV. a town of Thebais, on the Nile, bet. This and Diospolis Parva. A Milesian settlement. The burial-place of Osiris. El Matfoon (" the buried"). Abyla m., a pr. of Mauritania Tingi-tana, at the inner entrance, s. of the Mediterranean. One of the Pillars of Hercules, the other being the opposite pr. of Calpe. Cabo Ximiera; Apes' Hill. Abystrum. Vide Aprustum. Abzikitanum, a town of Africa Propria.

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