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prom. III. a pr. of Mysia, on the Hel­lespont, N. of Lampsacus, noted for its truffles.

Abarraza, a town of Syria, bet. Cyrrhus and Edessa.

Abas fl., Albania, i. q. Alazon.

Abases, a name given by Strabo to the African Oases.

Abasgi (Abaschi), a people of Sarmatia Asiatica, N. of the Apsili, extending along the Euxine, and inland towards Caucasus.

Abasgus fl., a r. of the Abasgi, rising in Corax mons, and falling into the Euxine between Nitice and Nesis.

Abasites, i. q. Abbaites.

Abassus (Ambassus, Alarnassus, Amadasse), a town of Phrygia Magna, on Alandrus fl. towards Tyscon.

Abastant, a people on the Indus.

Abathuba, a town of Marmarica.

Abatos ins., an isl. in the Nile, near Philae, abounding in flax and papyrus. Priests only were permitted to enter it. Biggeh.

Abba, a town of Africa, near Carthage.

Abbaites, a people of Phrygia Epictetus, extending into Mysia, at its s. E. angle.

Abdada, a town of Galatia.

Abdea, a town of Mesopotamia, bet. Ad Pontem and Atra.

Abdera, I. a town of the Bastuli, Bse-tica, bet. Sexitanum ~w. and Murgis E. A Phoenician settlement. A Roman Co-Ionia. Adra. II. postea Polystylus, cap. of the Bistones, Thrace, on the jEgean, E. of Nestus fl., s.w. of Pistyrus; founded by Timesius of Clazomense; recolonized by Teian fugitives from Ionia; the birth­place of Democritus and Protagoras. Noted for its mullets, and its people for fits of a peculiar phrenzy. Asprorosa.

Abdiabda, a town of Albania Asiat., on the Caspian.

Abdon, a Levitical city of Asher.

Abdua fl., i. q. Addua.

Abel-beth-maacha (Abel Maim), a town of Napthali, s. E. of Caesarea Philippi. The death-place of Sheba.

Abel charmaim, a town of Reuben, 7 m. from Rabbath Ammon.

Abel maim, i. q. Abel-beth-Maacha.

Abel mehola (Abel Mea), a town of Ma-nasseh, bet. Bethsan (10) and Shechem, where the Midianites took refuge from Gideon. The birth-place of Elisha.

Abel mizraim, a place in Ephraim, bet. Jericho and the Jordan, where the Israel­ites, whom the Canaanites mistook for Egyptians, mourned for Jacob. Bethagla afterwards rose on the site.

Abel sittim, a town of Moabitis, near the Jordan, and over against Jericho, where the Israelites sinned with the Moabitish. women.

Abella, a town of Campania, on Clanius fl. towards its source ; N. E. of Nola. A Chalcidian settlement, noted for its filberts and apples. Avella Vecc/iia.

Abellinum (Avellana), I. cap. of the Marsi, Lucania, on Aciris fl. towards its source; N. e. of Casilinum. Marsico Vetere. II. Surnamed Protropum, a town of the Hirpini, Samnium, bet. Beneventum (16) and Picentia (12). Avellino.

Abelterium, a town of the Celtici, Lusita-nia, bet. Scalabis w. N.w. and Septem Arse s. E.

Abens fl., a r. of Vindelicia, falling into the Danube below Abusina. Al/ens.

Abesamis, a town of Syria, built by Semi-ramis.

Abeste, a town of Drangiana, N. of Ely-mandrus fl. Boat.

Abhorras fl. (Aburas), i. q. Chahorras.

Abi.e, a town of Messenia, on Messeniacus sin., 9 m. s. from Pherse. The Ira of Homer.

Abieta, i. q. Abinta.

Abu, a people of Scythia extra Imaum, of uncertain position, noted for their peace­ful integrity of life.

Abyla, I. a town of Ammonitis, 7 m. from Philadelphia ; the residence of Jephtha; II. a town of Coele-Syria, cap. of Abilene, on Abana 'fl., bet. Heliopolis (32) and Damascus (15), the burial-place of Abel. Nebi-Abel. III. a town of Decapolis, near Hieromax fl., bet. Gadara (12) and Capi-tolias. IV. a town of Spain.

Abilene, a district of Coele-Syria, about Abila.

Abilonc.e, the people of Abila, Syria.

Abilunum, a town of the Juthungi, Ger-mania Magna, on Campus fl. towards its source; N. E. of Usbium.

Abimael, a district of Arabia Felix, s. of Themud.

Abina, a town of Susiana.

Abinta (Abieta), a town of the Jazyges Metanastse, on Bollia fl., above Ana-bum.

Abisama (Abisa), Gosa, a port of the Adra-mytse, Arabia, bet. Arabia; Felicis Empo­rium and Cane. Abin.

Abisaris (Ambisaris), a district of India, E. of the Hydaspes.

Abissa, a port of the Omanita;, Arabia, bet. Corodamum prom, and Cosara. Abisagi.

Ablata, a town of Pontus, near Polemo-nium.

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