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Aad, a district of Arabia Felix, on the s. coast; afterwards occupied by the Chatra-motitse.

Aba , a town of Arabia Felix.

Abac.ena (Abacsenum), I. a town of Caria ; II. of Media; III. of Sicily, near the source of Helicon fl. s.w. of Messana. Near Tripi.

Ab*e, I. a town of Phocis, S.e. of Hyam-polis", built by Abas of Argos; noted for an oracle of Apollo, older than that at Delphi. Near Exarcho. II. of Lycia.

Ab^ra, a town of Arabia Deserta, towards Petra.

Abala (Avalites Emporium), capital of the Abali, ./Ethiopia, at the head of Abalites sinus. Zeyla.

Abalitj: (Abali, Avalitse), a tribe of Tro-glodytse, ^Ethiopia, on Erythraeum mare, s. of the Adulitse.

Abalites sinus, a bay of Erythraeum mare, s. w. of Dire prom. Gulf of Zeyla.

Aballaba, a town of the Otadeni, Britan­nia, at Hadriani murus, N. bet. Congo-vata and Amboglanna. Watchcross.

Aballo, a town of the Mandubii, Lug-dunensis I., bet. Sidelocum (24) and Au-tesiodorum (33). Aralon. Abalus (Basilia, Baltia), a district of Scan­dinavia, deemed by the ancients an island, and noted for its amber. Northern Sweden.


Abana fl., Amana, a stream of Syria, rising in Anti-Libanus, 16 m. N. w. from Damas­cus, and, after a short course, falling into the Chrysorrhoas. Fidji. Abantes, a people who from Thrace settled at various periods in Phocis, Ionia, Chios, Thesprotia, and Euboea. Abantia, postea Amantia, a town of the Atintanes, Illyria, on Polyanthes fl. 30 m. S.e. from Apollonia; built by the Eu-boean Abautes, on their way home from Troy. Near Nimtza. Abantis ins., i. q. Euboea. Abaort^e, a people of India, on the Indus. Abara, a town of Babylonia, bet. Dorista

and Curraphus. Abarbixa, a town of Hyrcania, w. of

Maxera fl. Astrabad. Abari, i. q. Sabiri.

Abauim m., m. of Palestine, E. of the Dead Sea, separating Moabitia from Arabia De­serta. Jje-Abarim.

Abarimon, a district of Scythia Asiatics, the people of which, from wearing a parti­cular kind of sandal, were fabled to have their feet turned backwards. Abaris, a maritime town of Egypt, E. of

Pelusium. Abarne, a town of Gumathene, Armenia,

w. N. w. of Amida.

Abarnis, I. a town of Byzacene, noted for its fishing-rods. II. of ilysia, at Abamis

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