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English from the Greek by George Stanhope, late Fellow of King's College in Cambridge. 1694. 8°

Reprinted: 1700; 1721; 1741; Glasgow, 1750.

6. Epictetus his Morals, or the whole Duty of a Philosopher; done from the Original Greek by a Dr. of Physick. 1702. 24° Reprinted: 1703.

7. The Porch and Academy Open'd or Epictetus's Manual newly turn'd into English Verse; with Notes. By J. W., late of Eton College in Oxon. To which is added, Cebes's Table; never before translated into English Verse. By [Selina] a Lady. 1707.

8. Human Wisdom displayed: or, a guide to prudence and virtue, in two parts. Containing . . . II. A fragment on tranquility of mind, from Pythagoras: together with a collection of choice morals from Epictetus . . . both newly translated from the original Greek. ... By an old Gentleman of Gray's Inn, lately retired to a country-life. 1731. 8°

9. All the works of Epictetus which are now extant; consisting of his discourses, preserved by Arrian, in four books. The En­chiridion, and fragments. Translated by Elizabeth Carter. . . . With introduction and notes by the Translator. 1758.

Reprinted: [Edit, by M. Pennington} 2 vol., 1807; [Edit, by W. H. D. Rouse] 2 vol., [Temple Classics] 1899; [Edit. W. H. D. Rouse, Everyman} 1910.

American Reprints: [Edit. By T. W. Higginson} Boston, 1865, 2 vol.; Boston, 1890; [Handy Volume Classics'] Boston, 1906; [Beacon Classics] Boston, 1913 [Conniston Classics] New York, 1917. . , _r ^u>i.

10. Arrian's Discourses with the Enchiridion and Fragments. Translated by George Long. 1877.

Reprinted: 1890; 1892; 2 vol., 1902; [Light and Life Books'} 2 vol., 1903.

American Reprints: New York, [Bohn~] 1888; [Library World's Best Books'] New York, 1890; [Knickerbocker Nuggets'} New York, 1892; [Elia Series'} New York, 1895; [Illustrated Li­brary of Famous Books] New York, 1897.

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