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1. Ancient India as described by Kt£sias the Knidian; being a translation of the abridgement of his " Indika " by Phdtios, and of the fragments of that work preserved in other writings. By J. W. McCrindle. With introduction, notes ... Calcutta, Bombay, London. 1882.


1. The three Orations of Demosthenes chiefe Orator among the Grecians, in favour of the Olynthians, a people in Thracia, now called Romania: with those of his fower Orations titled expressly & by name against King Philip of Macedonie: most nedefull to be redde in these daungerous dayes, of all of them that loue their Countries libertie, and desire to take warning for their better auayle, by example of others. Englished out of the Greek by Thomas Wylson Doctor of the ciuill lawes. After these Ora­tions ended Demosthenes lyfe is set foorth, and gathered out of Plutarch, Lucian, Suidas, and others, with a large table, declaring all the principal! matters conteyned in euerye part of this booke. 1570. 4°

2. The first and most excellent oration of that renowned orator Demosthenes, against Philip of Macedon, the Potent and Poli-ticke enemy of the State of Athens. Faithfully translated out of the Greeke [by T. G.] 1623. 4°

3. Several Orations of Demosthenes, to encourage the Athe­nians to oppose the exorbitant power of Philip of Macedon. Eng­lished from the Greek by several hands. (The first Olynthian translation by the Earl of Peterborough; the second, by Hon. G. Granvill; the third, by Dr. Morland; the first Philippick, by Dr. Garth; the second, by K. C. [K. Chetwood]; the third, by the Hon. Col. Stanhope; the fourth, by Mr. Topham.) To which is prefixed the historical preface of Monsr. Tourreil. 1702. 12°

Reprinted: [Revise<£] 1744.

4. Orations of Demosthenes for the Crown. Translated by Mr. Dawson. 1732. 8°

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