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Of the sources of this list I have little to say. The list of translations published in England was gathered largely from the following books: Miss Palmer's bibliography of classical books published before 1640, The Stationers' Regis­ter, The Term Catalogues, The British Museum Catalogue of Printed Books, The London Catalogue, The English Catalogue, Watt's Bibliotheca Britannica, Lowndes' Bibliographer's Man­ual of English Literature, Moss's Classical Bibliography, Engelmann's Bibliotheca Scriptorum, and the book lists published in the Gentleman's Magazine, and The Edinburgh Review.

The list of American translations has been gathered from Evans' American Bibliography, Roorbach's Bibliotheca Ameri­cana, The American Catalogue, and The Publisher's Weekly. In two respects the American section is not so complete as might be desired. In a number of cases it is impossible to give the exact date of publication. Roorbach's Biblio­theca dates as many as possible and so do the first volumes of the American Catalogue. Leypoldt in the preface to the first volume of the latter publication regrets his inability to obtain from many of the publishers the dates of their own publications. In all such cases I have given the dates covered by each volume in which the translations occur. By this means nearly all of them can be located within two or three years of the exact date. The other defect I have found in dealing with American bibliography is in the lack of differentiation between importations and re­prints. For this reason it is impossible to determine whether a given English translation was reprinted in America or im­ported and sold by certain publishers. So far as possible I have listed the American reprints of English translations im­mediately after the original publication or after the English reprints of it. By this arrangement all the available facts concerning each translation are presented in one place.

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