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sisters was named Klymene, and she gave the golden lamb (a sun mascot) to Thyestes.

Aerope, mother of Arkadian Aeropos by Ares.

Aeropos, brother of Gauanes and Perdikkas (possibly connected Perdix; he took the sun for wages from the Makedonian king). These are the three Temenid ancestors of the Makedonian royal house.

Action, Eetion

A name connected with atros (Pick and Bechtel, p. 314).

(1) Action, also called lasion, of Samothrake, son of Elektra the Atlantid, violated the image of Demeter and was killed by thunder.

(2) Aetion, son of leson, guest friend of Lykaon Priamides, and ransomed him out of Lemnos.

(3) Aetion, son of Briseus, king of Pedasos.

(4) Aetion, of Cilicia, father of Andromache. (Also as Greek or Trojan name, Q. Smyrn. vi. 639 ; Iliad xvii. 575.)

(5) Eetion, father of Kypselos.

(6) Eetion, an Athenian hero.

The Crested Lark

(1) Kolainos, prehistoric king of Myrrhinos, founded cult of Apollo the Crested Lark in Messenia (cf. Artemis Kolainis).

(2) Korythos, son of Zeus, husband of Elektra the Atlantid, father of lasios and Dardanos.

(3) Korythos, foster-father to Telephos.

(4) Korythos, son of Paris and Oenone.

(5) An Iberian love of Herakles. Korythos appears in Ovid and Valerius Flaccus as a name of warriors of the legendary period.


(1) Kyknos, son of Ares, opponent of Herakles.

(2) Kyknos, a relation or lover of Phaethon.

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