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Alkyone and Keux, a royal pair who called themselves Zeus and Hera.

Alkyone, wife of Meleager. (The Meleagrides were guinea fowl.)

Alkyoneus in one story is the seducer of Koronis.

Merops, Aerops

Meropis, the old name for Kos, Merope that of Siphnos. (It- is interesting to note /xepovn-o for " birds " in the speech of modern Syra. Bent, Cydades, p. 325.)

Merops, king of Kos, metamorphosed into an eagle. His descendants were opponents of the Olympian gods (Anton. Lib. xv.). According to Paton and Hicks, p. 361 foil., he is a sun-god.

Merops, the Ethiopian, has Klymene to wife and Phaethon is his son.

Merope is the Okeanid mother of Phaethon by Klymenos, or daughter of Helios and sister of Phaethon.

Merope, Pleiad, wife of Sisyphos and mother of Glaukos.

Merops of Perkote, a king mantis, father of Amphios and Adrastos, Kleite and Arisbe. Arisbe marries Priam and has a son Aisakos (according to Fick and Bechtel, p. 418, a tree or bird name) who marries Asterope or Hesperia, the daughter of Merope, and was subsequently turned into a bird.

Merope, wife of Megareus and mother of Hippomenes.

Merope, daughter of Arkadian Kypselos.

Merope, Aedon, and Kleothera, the three daughters of Pandareos who stole the golden dog (a sun mascot). In another version Merope is the mother of Pandareos.

Merops, son of Hyas, figures in a Flood Myth.

Merope or Aerope, daughter or wife of Oinopion, who was also called Stork.

Aerope, daughter of Katreus (possibly a bird name, see Hesychius, s.v.), who was son of Minos. One of her

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