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Merope. Hanged herself or was thrown over a precipice by his jealous uncle. The male Perdix is also called Talos and TaXios 6 ij\Los (Pick, H. und D. 42).

Nisos, connected Megara and Krete. The story contains motifs of The Faithless Maiden, The Purple Lock, and The Throwing into the Sea. Possibly Skylla like Maira is the dog-star (?).

Pterelaos connected Leukas. The story contains The Faithless Maiden and The Golden Lock. (In one of the Grimm variants of the latter the phoenix feather takes the place of the lock.) Pterelas is the name of one of Aktaeon's hounds, possibly derived Trrkpov tXavvia, or possibly Pterelaos is king of the winged folk TrrepeAeus. Komaitho = Brandhaar, Pick, V.O. p. 138 (?).

Story of Pterelas and his lover Phaon (<fcao>v like QaiOtav a solar name, Fick, V.O. p. 139), connected with the cult practice of throwing a feathered man from the Leukadian rocks (Strabo 452). Farnell connects with this cult practice the magic Hyperborean Lake whose waters produced a growth of feathers on those who dipped in it. I doubt the explanation.


The name and the stories in which it occurs seem connected with the two isthmuses of Pallene and Korinth, Thessaly, Attika, Argolis, Aitolia, Troizen, and Halikar-nassos.

Alkyonidai, daughters of the giant, thrown into the sea at Pallene.

Alkyone, Attika, daughter of Skiron; her story tells of fornication (? ritual) and throwing into the sea.

Alkyoneus, Delphi, in a variant of the Legend of Perseus.

Alkyoneus, the giant connected with Herakles and the sun cattle.

Alkyonian lake : doorway to the underworld.

Alkyone, Atlantid, wife of Poseidon.

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