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with water—[here follow some words whose meaning is uncertain]—you finish its surface with fine oil, you place it on three new bricks, their lower sides being sprinkled with sand; you put four other bricks under the child, you make the child lie down upon his stomach; you cause him to place his chin on the brick of the vessel; you make him look into the oil, he having a cloth spread over his head, there being a lighted lamp on his right and a censer with fire on his left." Further ritual instruc­tions follow, after which it continues: " When you have finished, you make the child open his eyes, you ask him saying, ' Is the god coming in ?' If he says, 'The god has come in,' you recite before him—[here follows an incantation] — you ask him concerning that which you desire. When you have finished your inquiry which you are asking about, you call to him seven times: you dismiss the god to his home." 1

In many of the examples of lekanomancy which have been given, and many more might be quoted, there is to be observed this use of the small boy or the virgin. In Morocco, for instance, you should get a young negress.2

1 Griffith-Thompson, Pap. Col. xiv. p. 101 ; apudAbt, op. cit. p. 248. 2 Doutte, op. cit. p. 34.

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