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growing complexity of civilisation there takes place a specialisation of function and a differ­entiation of species. The primitive shaman unites in himself the germs of faculties which are later developed by a continuous evolution. Poet, prophet, doctor, diviner, wizard, are all specific developments which gradually separate farther and farther from each other and develop along their own lines, each in turn exhibiting more and more specific developments within itself. The mantis is the direct descendant of the medicine-man, shorn by the emergence of these other sciences, arts, and religious beliefs of much of his pristine splendour. In the course of this evolution all those influences, which tend in the case of formal magic to aid the growth of formalism and the transference of power from the practitioner to his art, will be at work. Already the development of divina-tory processes from the sub-rite* predisposes them to the associations of ritual and the en­croachments of formalism. Thus the maker of the future passes into the prophet, the i^uto? fiavriK^ of an earlier age becomes the inspira­tion of a god or the knowledge of an art, and in the long run the "curious art" wins the day. The antithesis between inductive and intuitive

1 See below, chap. ix. '

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