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particular has shown unwearying kindness in suggestion, comment, criticism and encourage­ment, and the most patient tolerance of the sometimes fractious disagreement of a beginner. I regret that other occupations prevented my reading her Themis in time to acknowledge by reference to the printed page some of the many suggestions which I have derived from her conversation or correspondence. To Mr. R. R. Marett, too, I owe a debt of gratitude for help and direction in that science of which he is now the official representative at Oxford. In a lesser degree many other distinguished English anthropologists have laid me under an obligation which I hope has not lacked the inadequate acknowledgment of footnotes.

To the many learned men of the University of Berlin I have ventured to dedicate this book as an unworthy token of my appreciation of their great hospitality and kindness. No one who has been a foreign student at a German university can forget the generosity with which are heaped upon him every possible assistance in his work and every attention calculated to make his sojourn in a foreign land enjoyable. In Berlin University the stranger meets with an Homeric welcome. And in particular I must thank my friend Dr. K. Th. Preuss, Direktor

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