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not acceptance by students of anthropology or Greek religion, and some of the material collected, even if the results deduced from it seem faulty, may, I hope, prove serviceable to inquirers in the same field.

I may perhaps venture to add that with very few subsequent additions the material was collected during my fourth year as a classical scholar of New College, Oxford, and the first year of my tenure of the Craven Fellowship, which was spent at Berlin. In these days, when much is talked of Reform and Research at Oxford, a specimen of what has been done by an ordinary scholar under existing conditions may be of some interest. And the objects of the reformers' zeal are sometimes driven to reflect on themselves and on that rather highly coloured simulacrum which represents them on the prospectus of Research and Reform. My experience, such as it has been, has taught me but one fixed conviction, and that a negative one. Research and specialised work should on no account be a feature of pre-graduate study. Personally I have not merely felt that the three years spent in attaining my degree were from the point of view of my particular investigations of absolutely vital assistance, but I have even on occasion regretted that the full four years'

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